Brisbane’s Best Pimped Hot Chocolates

By Ashton Rigg
12th Aug 2015

That noticeable nip lingering in the air can mean only one thing: there's still time to gulp a few more mugs of molten chocolate! We're forecasting a last-minute downpour of thick, rich, creamy hot chocolates in and around Brisbane over the next few weeks.

For those who don't partake in tea or coffee, having a hot chocolate is nothing special, but these aren't your average drinking cocoas. These, dear Urban Listers, are Brisbane's best pimped hot chocolates.

John Mills Himself

Brisbane CBD

Ol' Johnny Boy breaks the mould when it comes to hot chocolate. City cafe-bar John Mills Himself devotes one page per flavour on their hot chocolate menu, each paired with whimsical artwork. Rosemary, lavender and lime and sea salt are just some of the flavour profiles you can choose from, made on a base of milk, dark or white chocolate.

The Dark Chocolatier

Brisbane CBD

Surely by now you've sampled the out-of-this-world deliciousness at Noosa Chocolate Factory on Adelaide Street. Well, just imagine their legendary rocky road melted down and served in a take-away cup, or a liquid Turkish Delight. The Dark Chocolatier's sinful hot drinks can be brewed on chocolate bases up to 90% proof with creamy Maleny milk. Life-changing stuff.

Doughnut Time + Chester Street


Bow down to your new hot chocolate overlords at Chester Street. Jumping on the trend for over-loaded decadence, Chester Street has adopted the Nutella hot chocolate from its doughnut peddling sibling. It's no doubt contributing to the national Nutella shortage, but cheat day just wouldn't be the same without this Tim-Tam topped, marshmallow filled, creamy, dreamy work of art.

Bitter Suite

New Farm

If you're a PB fiend, you need a massive mug of Bitter Suite's peanut butter hot chocolate in your life. This OTT winter warmer tastes like melted down Reese's Peanut Butter Cups frothed up with milk and unicorn tears, topped with whipped cream and generous lashings of Reese's peanut butter sauce.  Thank you for bringing this into our lives, Bitter Suite.

Hoo Ha Bar

South Brisbane

This winter, Hoo Ha Bar have been warming our cockles with a particularly agreeable adult's only hot chocolate. Their milky Bourbon Street is something of a spiked hot chocolate, brewed on a blend of chocolate powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and a nip of Wild Turkey, served warm. Hoo haaaa!



Frozen. Hot. Chocolate. Can you even? Affinity's dessert hybrid is the perfect transition drink leading into springtime. The Frozen Hot Chocolate rose to fame at New York cafe Serendipity 3, combining all the best bits of a hot chocolate minus the sweat factor. The whipped-cream topped treat wields such power people travel the world just to spoon its velvety goodness, but you only have to venture to Paddo.


South Brisbane

South Bank's preeminent dessert cocktail bar makes all our chocolate-coated dreams come true. Cowch's run-of-the-mill Belgian hot chocolates are good, but their salted caramel hot chocolate is udder-ly irresistible (#sorrynotsorry). The only question: do you dare go deluxe and add whipped cream and marshmallows? You already know the answer. 

La Dolce Vita


The Italian Hot Chocolate at La Dolce Vita is the stuff of legend and should only be discussed in hushed tones on cobbled streets. We're willing to ignore the Eiffel Tower guarding this iconic Park Road ristorante if we can get our hands on a cup of their steamy, Nutella-like pudding. Hot chocs so thick your spoon will stand upright can also be found at La Dolce Vita Caffe in the Wintergarden.

Want more of the best hot chocolates in Brisbane? Here are 8 of the best Brisbane hot chocolates!

Image credit: Savoury Sweet Life

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