Brisbane’s Creepiest Rumours

By Rachel Lay
6th Jul 2016

brisbane's best rumours

Brisbane may be small, but there are some pretty large rumours flying around the place. We rounded up Brisbane’s spookiest urban legends already, but now we’re getting into the weird, creepy and potentially unbelievable rumours. Let’s do this!

#1 All Hallows’ Locked Doors And Tunnels

Legend (any many former students) has it that there is a whole heap of locked doors in the grade nine and ten buildings at All Hallows’ that are perpetually locked, and no one knows what is behind them, or the last time they were opened… or why they’re locked. The plot thickens when you add in the rumour that a nun went crazy and killed herself in that very building. Yikes! Legend also has it that there’s a tunnel that runs between the school and not-so nearby Terrace, with many a student searching the grounds in the hopes of finding it. 

#2 The Haunting Of Farrington House

Alderley mansion, Farrington House, was formerly the home of mega wealthy biscuit manufacturer FW Wilson, but gained notoriety when passers-by saw a man hanging from a noose in the window. As it turns out, a former resident hanged themself in the attic – so this one might just be legit. According to a friend of a friend, you can still see the hanging silhouette on some nights. Shivers. Guess we’ll stick to the Southside, then.

#3 City Hall’s Room 302

City Hall is good for more than just a big ol’ clock; turns out it is also pretty good for a ghost story or two. Since around the 50s, strange footsteps and bad vibes could be heard and felt around a cluster of rooms on the third floor. The spookiness intensifies when you factor in that a suicide occurred in this place.

#4 Boggo Road’s Ghostly Inmates

A former jail where a number of hangings occurred is the perfect spot for a spooky story. The Boggo Road Gaol was home to notorious murderer Ernest Johnson, who was also the last inmate hanged there, and it’s rumoured that he still frequents the location even now. Inmates in his wing of the prison felt his presence after his execution – he would appear, pass through walls and even choke prisoners. Scary!

#5 Whales In The Brisbane River

On a much lighter note, many a Brisbanite claim to have seen a lone whale in the Brisbane river. Yep, a singular whale apparently calls the Brisbane river home – along with bull sharks, shopping trolleys and probably a whole heap of shoes? We’re thinking this one may need to be seen to be believed, but hey, we can’t wait to catch sight of a whale breaching under the Story Bridge.

#6 Newstead House’s Nanny Ghost

Newstead House is one of Brisbane’s oldest buildings, and with age comes… ghosts? The historic manor is apparently home to a few eerie spirits, with curtains blowing sans wind, creepy noises, moving chess pieces and a young woman wearing a pink period gown, objects moving and all sorts of other spooky occurrences.

#7 Brisbane Arcade’s Murderous Butcher

Many a shop keeper in Brisbane’s mega-old arcade have cited seeing a woman traipsing through the arcade after hours, plus some other crazy stuff like doors swinging open and, bizarrely, serene energy. It’s speculated that the woman is Mary McIntosh, the wife of former butcher/ murderer whose victims included a priest and an ex-convict, and she is trapped in this realm to repent for the sins of her husband.

#9 Ziggy The Millionaire

Something a little heart-warming always does the trick when you’re knee-deep in ghost stories from the city you call home, doesn’t it? Enter: Ziggy. Everyone knows the famous homeless man Ziggy, but his history isn’t so well known. There are rumours flying around that he’s actually a millionaire and has chosen to live a life of capitalist nonchalant. Bliss.

#10 The Pink House

Again, let’s finish this spooky post on a positive note. If you’ve ever had a boozy picnic at New Farm Park and noticed the behemoth pink mansion across the river, then you’ll probably be privy to a rumour or two about this place. Apparently it’s abandoned, there’s a secret underground car park (for … boats?) and that it’s modelled after Barbie’s Dream Mansion. We’re not so sure which ones we believe, but hey, your guess is as good as ours.

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