Brisbane’s Spookiest Urban Legends

By Rachel Lay
3rd Feb 2016

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Often, when a story is begun with the prerequisite ‘it happened to a friend of a friend of mine’ its veracity is instantly questioned. But when it comes to urban legends, the statement somehow brings with it an overwhelming sense of truth.

So when it comes to Brisbane’s urban legends, the fact that there’s no source or supporting evidence is obviously no deterrence in us believing each of these are absolutely 100% true, obviously.

Here are 6 Brisbane urban legends that caught our attention:

#1 Toowong Cemetery’s Spook Hill

We don’t know what’s going on in Toowong Cemetery but given it’s literally full of corpses, our bet is something is definitely going on. Spook Hill is the perfect example of the site’s spookiness: if you park your car uphill on this hill (Twelfth Avenue) and then let it roll downhill, Spook Hill will actually pull it UP hill rather than down. The explanation? A child in the cemetery lost their life in a car crash and their pain is so powerful it draws all cars towards it. Nup. No thank you.

#2 Ziggy the Bag Man

If you live south of the river, you’ll know Ziggy. He’s somewhat of a celebrity, and he is a rumored millionaire. ABC Radio tried to find him a home, to which he rejected the offer, and he charges a max of $10 for interviews. So he’s either super super rich and super enlightened or just a super nice homeless dude. Either way, looks like Ziggy got in before you Essena, sorry.

#3 Crocs in the Brisbane River

We all know there’s a fair few bull sharks in the river, possible corpses and many, many trolleys. But crocs? Them we haven’t seen. Legend has it that crocs stalk the Brissy river much like a hungry Brisbanite would stalk Eat Street. We’re not so sure about this one…

#4 Scream St Mall?

Legend also has it that the slope of Queen St Mall is totally intentional. It’s on a slope because the whippings of convicts would occur in front of where the Treasury Casino now sits and the blood would conveniently flow down the slope. Ah, life hack?

#5 Jack The Ripper picks #BrisbaneAnyDay

So, notorious killer Jack the Ripper is buried in Toowong Cemetery? It all adds up, trust us. After committing his murders in London, the suspected murderer, Walter Thomas Porriott, opted to sail to sunny Brisbane town. And miraculaously, after he left the gloomy British shores, the murders in London stopped. Porriott is buried in Toowong Cemetery and while we can't confirm that he was Jack the Ripper, there's every chance that the serial murderer's dying days were in our fair city. Eek! 

#6 Goodna-Gracious Me – Goodna Cemetery

Visitors to the Goodna Cemetery are said to leave with scratches and bruises on their bodies that appear without cause. What’s even spookier, is that many of the graves are home to residents of the Woogaroo Asylum – a home for the criminally insane. Visitors tell stories of being held captive in the cemetery over night and their cars not starting, only to finally escape the cemetery with scratches along the outside of the car. But wait, that’s not even the worst part: ghost hunters carried out a test here where they covered their car in flour before driving past. When they got home to examine the car what did they find? Finger prints. Finger prints everywhere. 

Got any Urban Legends we missed? Hit us up – we love a spooky story!

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