Brisbane Is Getting A Cat Café!

By Ellie Grounds
5th Aug 2015

Want more info on Brisbane's Cat Cuddle Cafe? Find the Brisbane Cat Cuddle Cafe's details here!

Gone are the days where the single, lonely and crazy cat lady (or man!) was an idea that caused absolute terror in the minds of young bachelors and bachelorettes. Now it’s cat lovers’ time to shine, and there’s something popping up in Brisbane this week that might just cause a feline frenzy. Japan has done it, and now we’re doing it too: that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Brisbane is getting its very first cat café!

Red Hill’s Cat Cuddle Café is opening its doors to the public this Saturday, with the idea being you get to CUDDLE CATS in a CAFÉ! And if that ain’t enough to entice you, this might; the purpose of the space is to showcase cats that are ready for adoption. Awwwwww!

The crowdfunded café is a collaborative project between Brisbane’s Pussy Galore Cat Rescue and the Animal Rescue Support Network, who want to find loving homes for these adorable little kitties. Those wanting a cuddle can spend an hour playing with these downright cute bundles of fluff for a small fee, with all the money raised going towards the animal rescue charity.   

And if you’re worried about fur balls, don’t be—the café is split in to two, with the cat cuddlin’ going on in a colourful playroom in one half and food and drink being served in the other.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a kitty cuddle to relieve a bit of stress or on the hunt for a new furry companion for your home, Brisbane's Cat Cuddle Café is about to make all of your wildest dreams come true. Well, that’s all I needed to say. Me-owt. 

Image credit: Vox

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