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This Japanese Spot Is Dishing Up Charcoal Chicken Karaage With Cheese Fondue

By Sarah Tran
8th Jun 2021

Pot of cheese fondue

With the air getting crisper and mornings chillier, anything that has the ability to bring warmth back into our bodies is something that should be applauded. Well, Harajuku Gyoza is back with another recipe to add to its repertoire of must-try creations—think the raindrop cake, the giant Japanese souffle pancake, and foot long fries just to name a few. This time they’ve created charcoal karaage chicken paired with bubbling cheese fondue. Charcoal chicken? With cheese fondue? We know, it’s a food combo we didn’t see coming either, but it could be this winter’s ultimate comfort food. 

The karaage chicken we’ve all come to know and love is usually served with lemon or Japanese mayo. But this winter, the team at Harajuku Gyoza have put an interesting twist on this Japanese classic. By coating it in charcoal, the bite-sized pieces of chicken are given a signature black colour and they’re served with a bubbling hot pot of rich, stringy cheese to dip in. Get ready to overload on cheese, because you know you’ll be dipping those chicken pieces twice. It’s deep-fried goodness dipped in cheesy goodness, a definite must-have to get through your winter blues if you ask us. 

We wouldn’t even call it a guilty pleasure because for just $14 a plate, a cheesy feed like that is nothing to feel guilty about. Share it with friends or on second thought, don’t—you’ll want these nuggets of goodness all to yourselves. Find it on the menu at Harajuku Gyoza in South Bank and the CBD. 

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