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Curly Wurly | The Best Curly Hairdressers in Brisbane

By Desta Cullen
12th Jul 2014

If you rock a naturally* curly 'do, you'll know two things: 1. Your locks can be your most loved and hated feature all in the same day, and 2. Life is one endless quest to find the best hairdressers in Brisbane to tame those skewiff tendrils growing out of your head.  

With two (very) curly heads in the The Urban List team, this is a topic close to our frizzed-follicle hearts, and we certainly don't envy the hairdressers of Brisbane that have to navigate the minefield that is the curly haircut.

Take it from me (I've been reppin' the curl from day one): curls are not kind to the girls. 

There are so many variables to consider; The type and bounce of your curl, humidity (or lack of it), thickness of hair, and then of course the actual hairstyle to be cut.    

So, when we find a hairdresser that has the curly cut Midas touch, we hold onto them for dear life. 

Because we're all about sharing the curly love, we've put together this handy list of hairdressers in Brisbane, who will restore your faith in the curly haircut.  

*If you have chosen to have your hair curled (erhm, I think it's called a perm?) then we can't help you — you've done this to yourself! 

AKA Togninis

Surely if the gods blessed cursed us with a Sideshow Bob-esque mop, they would have the decency to at least make them perfect curls, right? A girl can dream. But in the meantime, head to AKA Togninis in The Valley for some serious follicular wrangling. 

Rokstar Salonz

Two locations (West End and Red Hill) means twice the curl love by some of the best in the biz. Brodie and her team know how to compel even the most tenacious of tresses to do their bidding, so your curl catastrophe is sorted easy peasy.  

Mi Color

Not just master hair colourists, the team at Mi Color are expert curl coiffeurs too. See the team for a dry cut (to avoid that pesky bounce back effect) that will make everyone wish they were part of the curly crew. Mi Color is highly recommended by this particular TUL curly head. 

Olive Eco Hair 

Doing your haircut in the comfort of your home is not recommended, but getting it done by the lovely Olive Eco Hair team in the comfort of their home is highly advised. The home salon is nestled in amongst the trees in Tarrigindi so you can relax while you get that curly mop seen to. 

Luke Reynolds

The fact that there are very few newsreaders with curly hair is not lost on us (we call this discrimination) but we think if we were a nightly news boffin, then Luke Reynolds would be your guy. The king of the luxe blow dry, Luke and his team also know how to coerce those curls into submission with a pair of scissors.  


Wilston locals have known about the Fruition secret for some time, but the word is out now! This suburban salon has all the trappings of an inner-city boutique and the skills to match, so you can entrust the care of your kinks to this team.   The Urban List's curly head number two gets her locks chopped here on the reg', too.

Verve Hair

Paddington's Verve are master cutters of any type of hair so no matter what type of curl you have, or the style you want, the team at Verve want to hear from you.  The complimentary refreshments will help ease any curly haircut induced fear, too. 

Do you have a favourite curly-hair hairdresser in Brisbane we've missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Disco Air Glow, Can You Whoop It, Make Up Spot

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