4 Easy Ways To Live A More Sustainable Life

By Louis Costello

Actively trying to live a more sustainable life can seem like a daunting challenge if you previously haven’t given it much thought. Suddenly you’re factoring in what’s recyclable and what’s not, purchases you’re making at the supermarket and whether your new threads are part of the problem. It’s a lot to take in.

The upside is that there’s no one documenting your progress at the end of each day, so you can take it slow and steady. Taking the steps towards amping up your daily sustainability doesn't require going out and buying a whiteboard to plot and plan your every move. Instead, here are some easier ways to combat climate change.

Think Before You Spend

Sustainable shopping doesn’t have to translate to a bump in the price tag of your purchases—you just have to be a little warier of waste. These tips below are foolproof and often cheaper, which is a bonus.

  • Opt for loose vegetables rather than those wrapped in plastic (loose vegetables are often more affordable by weight, too).
  • Buy seasonal produce to cut down on food miles—the closer it's grown, the less time it spends on the road, in the air or traversing across the ocean.
  • Hunt online for used clothes or upcycle what you already have. Say goodbye to that pesky wine stain by popping on an adorable broach, or give a cheeky tie-dye session a go to breathe fresh life into well-worn threads.
  • Check the label of your products to avoid ingredients like palm oil or other questionable additions.
  • Carry a reusable shopping bag with you at all times, even if you’re at the club.
  • Do a quick Google of brands before you buy their products.
  • Take one for the team and buy reduced items and pop them in the freezer if you’re not planning to cook with them before they expire.
  • Only buy what you’re guaranteed to eat, not what you aspire to cook after watching a recipe on TikTok.

Switch To Ethical Providers

Think superannuation, electricity, internet–anything you’re using in your everyday life, there’s usually a more sustainable alternative.

There are countless sites out there that do all of the comparisons for you, including options to filter out any wasteful or unnecessarily expensive services. Thinking further ahead, if you’ve just moved house and need power or data sooner rather than later, try to opt for a month-to-month contract to give yourself an easy exit plan if you find a more suitable option.

Empty Your Recyclables

Not only does emptying your condiment bottles and tuna cans prevent contamination down at the recycling plant, it also keeps those dreaded bin smells at bay. 

If you’re not savvy about this, essentially you just have to empty anything you're discarding in the recycling bin. It doesn't have to be perfectly clean, you just need to remove as much food and gunk as possible, otherwise it could contaminate the bin and end up destined for landfill which is rather counterproductive.

Write A To-Do List

There’s no greater feeling in this world than writing a to-do list. Some would argue that it’s more satisfying than actually completing said to-do list. 

Again, it can seem like more of a challenge than it actually is to make behavioural changes that help our struggling planet, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint (except that this topic is quite urgent, so perhaps a brisk jog is necessary).

And that’s all you have to do today.  

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