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Here’s Where To Play Paintball In Brisbane

By Annabelle Allpass

A man holding a paintball gun wearing a face shield

Whether you want to recreate that infamous scene from 10 Things I Hate About You or bring the Call of Duty wars with the squad into the real world, paintballing is for you. Now yes, while getting nailed by a rogue paintball does bring a tear to the eye of even the most seasoned in combat, it’s a great activity for a bucks night, or maybe just to work out a bit of aggression in your friend group. You’re welcome, here's where you can play paintball Brisbane wide. 

Spec Ops Paintball

Red Hill 

First up is Red Hill’s Spec Ops Paintball where you can play inside or out, simulate night or day, add battle simulation surround sound or even hook your own playlist up for a paintball rave. Only a speedy 5 mins away from the CBD, Spec Ops indoor facility means you can play rain hail or shine—plans ruined never. If you don't get even a little hyped after watching their trailer, we will be seriously surprised. 

Delta Force Paintballing

Redcliffe & Petrie 

Ok so Delta Force paintballing is a bit of a trek away, but it is well worth said trek. They have HEAPS of different courses like the Black Hawk Down—an actual Black Hawk helicopter that you have to rescue the crew from, once you find it after moving the unit through the jungle. If Indiana Jones is more your style, go for the Tomb Raider course where you have to get into the tomb, secure the artifact and use the giant Sphinx as cover to escape with the idol. When are we dropping in, boys?

Skirmish Samford


Speaking of loads of courses, if you’re keen on venturing north, Skirmish Samford has massive battlefields with Interactive animatronic structures,  43 metres of tunnels, barricades, firing posts, bunkers and 13 bridges plus 2 dam crossings, grand slam missiles and 2 battle bunkers. Phew, that’s a lot of ground to cover. With all the space they have, no group is too big–oh and don’t forget to bring some water, you’re gonna be in combat for a while.

Valhalla Paintball


An hour-ish drive will land you at Valhalla Paintball in Calvert, a paintball lover's dream. The team here has all the gear you need to get started safely, and fun and original games to boot. There’s the Zombie Apocalypse for example, where 20 per cent of the group start as alpha zombies and are immortal for the first part of the game. When a survivor is tagged they respawn as a beta zombie and the game is played until the last survivor is eliminated. The Brisbane paintball course also has 12 other games for groups to dominate in, which you can read about here

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Image credit: Westend61/Getty

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