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Here’s Where You Can Pick Your Own Flowers In And Around Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
8th Feb 2023

Receiving a sweet-smelling bouquet of flowers is good, but we think the experience of picking your own flowers is far more enjoyable. Sure the resulting bouquet may not look as aesthetically pleasing, and any actual florist would probably shudder at the thought, but those blooms are going to smell just as sweet. 

Not just any horticulturalist is going to let you wander into their carefully cultivated flower fields and let you start snipping away with a pair of secateurs though—but there are a few out there. So pop on a straw hat and dust off a nice vase, here’s where you can pick your own flowers around Brisbane. 

Elderflower Farm


If you’re in the mood for a country drive head out to Elderflower Farm in Kalbar, just an hour from the CBD. You can visit the rustic Garden Shop and purchase a bouquet of ready-made fresh flowers, but the real treat is grabbing some snippers and heading out to the rows of flower beds growing a variety of seasonal heirloom blooms to pick your own. Every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm you can fill a small vase for $25—make sure you grab one of their edible flower lollipops to suck on while you wander. 

Bonus, The Scenic Rim Farm Shop on site is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and a delicious house-made cake after your flower picking (the carrot cake is a must-order). They also have a full menu of light breakfasts and lunches if you’re feeling a little more peckish, and you can stock up on farm fresh veggies while you’re there. 

Brookfield Rose Farm


This gorgeous self-picking rose farm is located in West Brisbane and is home to thousands of roses, as well as lilies and dahlias. The owners provide you with a pair of secateurs, a bucket and give you the freedom to pick your own flowers and create a beautiful bouquet. Heads up, they’re still recovering from the floods last year, so the flower beds may be a little light on roses for a while. Definitely check their website for the best times of year for picking before you go, as roses tend to take a little break over winter. 

Just a short drive away is Wild Canary Botanical Bistro, who are famous for their stunning, flower-covered cakes. Nestled in the Brookfield Gardens, visiting the bistro after your flower picking will give you the perfect opportunity to take a stroll through and enjoy some more greenery before you tuck into a hearty brunch. 

Kalbar Sunflowers 


Always dreamed of running through fields of sunflower fields, wind in your hair? Well you can at Kalbar Sunflowers, where over a million sunflowers bloom each year. There is a catch though—they’re only open to the public one weekend a year, so you need to make sure you plan ahead. Sync your calendar though, and you can also tackle the sunflower maze, take a seat at the long table lunch and of course, pick your own sunflowers for $2 a steam. This year’s festival is coming up soon, so find out more and get tickets here

Brisbane Flower Market 


Ok, you can’t pick your own flowers here, but you can pick them out, and that’s kind of the same thing, right? And perfect if you’re melissophobic (afraid of bees). Brisbane Flower Market’s cold room is always fully stocked thanks to multiple vendors, and you’ll pay per bloom. They’re the perfect spot to put together a last minute bunch, or even stock up on your own wedding flowers if you’re going the DIY route. 

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Image credit: Elderflower Farm 

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