This Game-Changing New Injectable Beauty Treatment Is Finally Available In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
5th Jun 2023

a beauty technician injecting a patient in the chin

Listen up all you hyaluronic acid serum addicts, because there’s a new beauty treatment on the scene and it’s a game changer for anyone who wants to achieve glowing, perfectly hydrated skin. It’s called Profhilo and it has been making waves overseas for a while now, but only just landed in Australia at a few select clinics—one being New Farm’s Angel Aesthetics—and boy are we glad it did. 

You might have heard it about it on Tiktok already—#profhilo has a casual 46 million views on the platform, with endless videos from fans who’ve dubbed it an ‘injectable moisturiser’ and shown off some impressive before and after shots. Now we see you pausing over the word ‘injectable,’ but don’t confuse this with an anti-wrinkle treatment or filler because Profhilo is neither a toxin or a traditional filler—instead it convinces your skin to become its best possible self by improving skin tone, texture, elasticity, firmness and radiance. 

What Is Profhilo? 

Like we said, this is no toxin like Botox—Profhilo is pure hyaluronic acid, or HA, containing one of the highest concentrations of the stuff on the market. HA is found naturally in our bodies—its water-retaining properties are what keeps our skin hydrated and dewy. As we age, however, the production of HA decreases, along with collagen and elastin, causing all those signs of ageing we so desperately try to reverse—and that’s where Profhilo comes in. 

How Does Profhilo Work? 

While traditional filler is also composed of hyaluronic acid, Profhilo is different thanks to its ‘bio-remodelling’ properties. Basically, instead of just volumising your skin tissue, it stimulates stem cells to target lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, loss of elasticity and dullness, encouraging the new production of collagen and elastin while creating long-lasting hydration deep in your skin. And unlike regular fillers, this one will flow and spread, ensuring all-over, even hydration.

What Is The Treatment Like? 

In order to achieve all those impressive results, Profhilo has to be injected deep into your dermal layer—so yes, it hurts. You’ll get five injections at specific points on each side of your face, which have been pinpointed as the best sites to optimise the spread. 

Not going to lie—if you’re an injectable newbie like I was, the sting of those needles going in may be a shock (Did I cry like a baby right there on the treatment chair? Yes, yes I did.), though Botox regulars will know just how to breathe through the pain. But at least you’ll be mentally prepared for your second treatment—for best results you’ll need to get two, spaced about a month apart. The good news is that it’s over quick—10 minutes at most—and there’s no down time. For me, the only sign that I’d had an injection was a small lump at each of the injection sites, though some people may experience redness, tenderness or itching for 24 hours or so. 

What Results Can You Expect? 

If you haven’t already stalked the before and after videos on Tiktok, let me tell you, the results are seriously impressive. After just one treatment, my skin was glowing from the inside out, with a plump, juicy look that I can’t ever seem to achieve with a solid commitment to my skincare routine, regular facials and hefty water intake (we’re talking three litres a day, MINIMUM)—turns out truly hydrated skin really is a gamechanger. 

After a second treatment (no tears this time), some of the fine lines around my eyes had all but disappeared and my jawline was more defined. Those with more signs of ageing will notice even more dramatic results, but for me, an unexpected benefit was ditching my day-to-day make up routine—my skin looked so good that covering it up seemed unnecessary. 

Where Can You Get Profhilo? 

You can book in for a treatment at Angel Aesthetics in New Farm, one of Brisbane’s best cosmetic clinics (you might know them for their Signature Angel lip filler)—just select ‘Bioremodeller’ under their service menu. The price ranges from $899-$949 per treatment. 

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Image credit: Angel Aesthetics 

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