7 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself Now The Gift-Giving Season Is Over

By Natasha Van Der Laan

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Annnd that’s a wrap. The festive season is behind us. Just because there are no more presents sitting enticingly below the tree, doesn't mean you need to put a stop to the treats. Make time for yourself and seek moments of indulgence and bliss—no matter how big or small. To help inspire, we’ve teamed up with Set For Life to uncover seven ways to treat yourself year-round. We asked our audience how they'd spend like to spend their time if they were set for life and boy, were there some top-tier ideas. The best bit? Many of them can be done on the cheap if you're strapped for cash post-silly season. Give these audience-sourced ideas a go in 2023 to enhance your life with a metaphorical cherry on top. Enjoy! 

Splurge On A Beauty Treatment 

Seek a moment of zen off the back of the festive season with a beauty treatment. If you're like our reader Cathy, you might be dreaming of the day you can book a monthly massage appointment. A pampering spa experience truly is a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and leaves you feeling your best self. Seek out a massage like Cathy, or opt for a facial or pedicure… whatever your heart desires, go for it. For a convenient at-home option, indulge in a lavish sheet mask, brew a fancy tea, and get lost in the pages of a new book. The self-care sesh will have you looking and feeling like royalty.

Say No To Something

Newsflash: you don’t have to be everything or do everything. Your time and energy are precious resources and you don’t have an infinite supply. In fact, many of our readers are seeking a stress-free life and fewer commitments. If there’s something giving you the ick or you’ve got too much on your plate, pull the handbrake and say no. Learning to say no is an important skill for your health and well-being, and can often feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Listen to your gut, respect your boundaries, and say “no siree!”—it feels good. 

Take Yourself On A Solo Date

If you’re yet to utter the words “table for one, please”, it’s high time you did. And no, we’re not talking about grabbing a coffee to go while running errands. Figure out what makes your heart sing and plan a considered date accordingly. For Caitlin, "going out for dinner and drinks, visiting galleries, [and] going to concerts and sporting events" is what lights her up. So, whatever is you're into, don't wait for someone to be available to do the thing. Watch an indie film at an independent cinema, wander a local art gallery, or try that cute cafe that’s been on your radar for months. While the concept of a solo date might seem foreign at first, we promise there’s something oh-so magical and empowering about it.

Splurge On Something That's Solid Cost Per Use 

Got something spenny on your wish list? You don't need to feel guilty about splurging on it if you'll actually use it. Timothy, for example, wants to invest in a good-quality (and expensive) telescope as he has a keen interest in astronomy. Even though it's a bit pricey, it could be a good investment if it'll get used heaps. So, consider the cost per use when splashing out on high-ticket items. Simply divide the cost of the item by the number of times you anticipate using it and voilà, there’s your CPU. It’s a go-to formula to determine if the luxe item is worth the price tag. Treat yourself to the likes of fancy glassware, linen bedding, or an ooh-la-la handbag if it’s something you’ll use every day (and feel delightfully fancy while doing so). You'll use it, you'll love it and it'll be worth it.

Book A Staycation

Want to splurge on a mini-break? You're not alone. Our reader Briana does too. You don’t need to venture far to satisfy your need for a holiday. Rest and relaxation are just around the corner (quite literally) with a well-deserved staycation. Check into a boutique hotel or discover a unique homestay in a suburb across town. It’s a fun opportunity to live like a tourist and uncover new places to eat, drink, and shop in your city. Alternatively, cosy up in your dressing gown, order room service, and binge-watch your favourite tv show from the comfort of those crisp hotel sheets—with your phone on do-not-disturb mode, no less. Ah, total bliss.

Sign Up For A Class

New year, new you. Sink your teeth into learning a new skill with a fun and creative class or workshop. It’s an opportunity to master something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t *actually* gotten around to it. Whether you want to try your hand at pottery like Peter who says "art is where my passion thrives", to get a new language under your belt, or to "dance more" like Amey, there’s something for everyone. No more excuses—the world truly is your oyster.

Buy A Fancy Candle

Last but certainly not least. There’s no easier way to treat yourself than splashing out on a luxe candle. Enjoy the process of discovering your favourite scent and—much like an expensive dinnerware set—don’t be tempted to set it aside for a special occasion. We don’t care if it’s 10am on a run-of-the-mill Tuesday, light the candle, savour those uplifting notes and elevate your work-from-home setup in no time. A nice-smelling house is an instant mood booster—guaranteed. It might end up being the first step to setting up your dream small-batch candle company like our reader, Michelle. 

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