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Where To Get Souffle Pancakes In Brisbane

By Annabelle Allpass
23rd Sep 2021

a plate of fluffy pancakes

Have you ever done that happy dance when you see your food being escorted over to your table? Yeah, us too (everytime). Now, what if your food grooved along with you? Well, allow us to introduce you to the uber-viral souffle pancakes. You may also know them as jiggly pancakes thanks to their signature fluffy wobble. 

Where oh where to find them though? We are ages away from their home country (Japan) not to mention we’re locked in the nation. Oh we forgot who we were for a sec! Of course we know where to send your pancake craving self. Read on to find out where you can get your hands on souffle pancakes in Brisbane. 

And just a word of warning—perfection takes time, so don't order these bad boys in the throes of hanger, because they tend to take a little longer to make than regular pancakes. 

Halo Ground 


Halo Ground is kind of a repeat offender here at Urban List. If you've somehow missed their pork belly benny, or even the Cockwaffle, you've been living under a rock. Nestled in amongst a seemingly corporate chunk of the Valley, they're not only cheffing up bangers like we just mentioned, but on weekends an extra-high stack of the thickest pancakes imaginable awaits you. Atop said downy stack rests a tuft of persian fairy floss that just makes the whole experience downright magical. Get in quick and early too, they only do them on weekends and parking nearby is lucrative. 

Moge Tee


What better drink to wash down a soft fluffy cloud pancake than a bubble tea? Well the guys at Moge Tee have the same idea, dishing out fancy flavours of both. The likes of peach or pineapple with ice cream, and even one topped with pork floss—yep, it's literally like bacon fairy floss. If you're really a bubble tea stan try the bubble flow soufflé, and get your bouncy pancakes topped with brown sugar boba. Speaking of boba, they have literally every flavour you could ever think of. 

G U Tea 

Sunnybank Hills

These bubble tea places really know what we want. Once again, not only do the magicians behind the counter here construct the dessert/drink combo of our dreams, they're flipping pancakes that defy gravity at G U Tea. Options on the menu include stacks like the souffle pancake with caramel pearls and ice cream and even taro pearls. Oh also, Monday to Thursday it's buy one, and get the second one at half price. Don't mind if we do. 

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Image credit: Nelson Zambrano 

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