Start Daydreaming, Brisbane’s Massive New Park Could Include Rockpools And Tree Bridges

By Ranyhyn Laine
9th Sep 2019

Victoria Park Brisbane

If you haven’t heard the news that Brisbane’s Victoria Park Golf Course is being transformed into an epic inner city green space to rival New York’s Central Park, you must have been hiding a rock. But if you have, and you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out just what the park is going to look like, boy do we have some daydream material for you. 

The Brisbane City Council has enlisted the help of some of Brisbane’s leading design firms and professionals to develop some seriously creative ideas as to just what the park could look like when it finally takes shape. Currently, the visionary ideas are just that—ideas—but we’re going to live in hope that at least one of them will make the final cut because they are EPIC. 

Our personal favourite is the ‘Brisbane Rock Pools’ design courtesy of the Place Design Group, which would see a series of connected waterfalls and swimming pools take pride of place in the park. There’s also an ‘Active Forest’ full of treetop bridges, hillside slides and parkour range from Urbis that we could really get behind. See why they’ve got us frothing? 

Other design concepts include the ‘Barrambin’, which would include a centre for Indigenous culture and opportunities to connect culture with nature, the ‘Connect and Celebrate’, which would add multiple new event spaces to the inner city, and the ‘Nature That Nurtures’, where bird watching and fish spotting would get visitors up close and personal with Brisbane wildlife. 

You can check out all the concepts here, and also submit your own ideas for the park. We’ll keep you posted on whether any of them turn into reality. 

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Image credit: Place Design Group 

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