Test Your Skills On The Free Outdoor Ninja Warrior Course That Just Hit Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
20th Aug 2020

a man climbing a across a rope ladder upside down

If you’re the type of person who watches Australian Ninja Warrior and thinks “I could definitely do that,” then we have news for you. 

Now fficially open in Guyatt Park on Laurence Street in St Lucia is a Park Warrior obstacle course—think a jungle gym inspired by the insanely difficult challenges on Ninja Warrior. Though we say jungle gym, this is no kid’s playground—it’s designed for warriors 12 and up, and frankly, we think even the grown ups are going to have their work cut out getting through it. 

A man hanging from a set of bars in a park

The first one to arrive in Queensland, the Guyatt Park course features obstacles like a row of poles pointing in all directions to clamber through, a hanging plank to balance your way across and a climbing wall to lift yourself over. You can either take your time and mosey on through the full obstacle course, or time yourself attempting it at full speed—then challenge your mates to beat your time. 

Reckon you can take it on? Well the park is open now, and free for anyone to access, so start watching Ninja Warrior for tips and challenge us with your best time. 

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Image credit: Brisbane City Council

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