Where To Find Brisbane’s Best Laksa

By Andrew Yap
4th Oct 2016


If you’ve never had laksa before then you’re missing out on one of life’s great soups. Originating from Malaysia, laksa is a hearty steaming bowl of noodles in a spicy curry soup, often with coconut milk which gives it its token richness.

If you’ve never had one before, the flavour will blow your mind. For the more experienced, it’s comfort food for any day of the week. The mix of spices and fresh herbs will entice you until you’re left with an empty bowl and a very full stomach.

If you’re constantly on the hunt for the best Malaysian restaurants in Brisbane, you’ll appreciate this list of Brisbane’s best laksa joints. Slurps up!

Laksa Hut


It’s in the name, so you’d think the Laksa would be good here at Laksa Hut. And it most definitely is! Laksa Hut uses thin vermicelli noodles that you can’t help but slurp up with their mouth-watering soup. You can order their laksa with a variety of tasty toppings ranging from traditional fish ball and fish cake to mix seafood or duck.

Satay Club Noodle House

Brisbane CBD

Talking about duck laksa, Satay Club Noodle House is specifically known for this hearty iteration. You will leave raving about its sumptuous flavour from the combination of the laksa paste, coconut milk, and the glorious rendered duck fat. They offer their laksa with three types of noodles: egg, rice (vermicelli) or flat (thick slurpy rice noodles). If in doubt get a mix of the noodles to see which texture you enjoy the most.

Little Singapore


Little Singapore is one of the only places in Brisbane where you can find stuffed tofu noodle and get it served in a curry soup. The curry soup has all the same qualities as laksa, but the highlight of this dish is the stuffed tofu. What is stuffed tofu, you ask? Imagine a variety of tofu and vegetables stuffed with fish paste and fried to perfection before being loaded onto a whopping sized laksa bowl. Consider yourself stuffed.


Brisbane CBD

Serving Malaysian delights, PappaRich has a huge selection of foods worth trying, including their Hainan toasted bread with butter and kaya. On the menu you’ll find two types of laksa: a traditional curry laksa, or, if you’re daring, the Pappa asam laksa. The fresh asam laksa kicks your tastebuds with its bold and sour spiciness.

Malaya Corner


Just around the corner from Little Singapore, Malaya Corner’s laksa does a really authentic Malaysian laksa. They have a crazy amount of toppings such as eggplant, fish cakes, prawns, puffed tofu, chicken and beans. This soup is a legit as it gets.

Ipoh Laksa


Hailed as having one of the best laksas in Brisbane, Ipoh Laksa competes with the best of the best. This laksa is worth travelling for! As with the rest of their menu, expect the authentic taste and flavours of Malaysia un-moderated. If you’re in the north, you have to head here to slurp your way through some noodles.

Image credit: PappaRich

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