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Here’s Where To Get A Real Christmas Tree In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
1st Nov 2021

pine trees in an open field

Christmas shopping is an extremely stressful time, especially if you have taken it upon yourself to turn your home into the set of one of Martha Stewart’s Christmas books. While you can’t escape the hordes of Christmas shoppers fighting you for the last of the decorations on the clearance shelves, you can certainly take a break from the fake and get yourself some freshly scented pine—just because we live in the tropics doesn't mean you won't find a real Christmas tree in Brisbane.

Although pine trees aren’t exactly native to ‘Straya, we’ve found a few places where you can go get yourself a nice ol’ tree and impress those nosy neighbours who secretly judge you for not putting in the extra effort (yes Susan, we’re looking at you).

Real Christmas Trees 

Ashgrove And Morningside 

OG Christmas tree purveyors Real Christmas Trees really know their stuff—they’ve been around for over 20 years and have become the go-to Christmas tree spot for many Brisbanites. With a range of different sizes fit for any household, there’s even giant Christmas trees for the most extravagant Christmas-lover. Though you can drop in to their Ashgrove and Morningside locations, delivery is available, and they will also collect and recycle your tree after the season has ended, because no one wants sad brown trees to go to landfill.

Chrissy Trees 4 U 


If you’re not too busy with your Christmas shopping to take a roadie out to Kingaroy, Chrissy Trees 4 U has an entire Xmas tree farm where you can pick out your perfect real Christmas tree, fulfilling all those fantasies you’ve had since childhood after watching literally any American movie set at Christmas time. Though the cut-off has ended now, earlier in the season you can even pre-tag your dream tree and have it delivered—so keep that in mind for next year. 

The Little Christmas Co 

Kelvin Grove 

The Little Christmas Co’s trees are lovingly grown and tended on a family farm up in Mt Mee, and will bring all the festive vibes to your living room. Available in a range of sizes, you can pre-order and pick your tree up from their warehouse in Kelvin Grove, but for those who would prefer to leave the hoisting and heavy lifting to the experts—and who doesn't?—The Little Christmas Co will even deliver your tree and put it up for you with none of the to-me, to-you, left a bit, right a bit nonsense we're used to. Oh, they'll also take it down and take it away after Christmas for a small extra fee. 

All The Green Things 

West End 

If the thought of cutting down a tree just to have it slowly wither away in your lounge room over Christmas leaves you feeling decidedly un-festive, a living Christmas tree might be the option for you. At All The Green Things, you can adopt yourself a potted Pica Christmas Star pine, one that will keep on bein’ green long after the presents have been unwrapped. Best of all, you won’t have to buy a Christmas tree next year—as long as you keep it alive, of course. Pre-order online or just head to All The Green Things to pick one out.

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Image credit: Skyler Smith 

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