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Here’s Where To Go Rock Climbing In Brisbane

By Caitlin Bennett
1st Jul 2022

a woman climbing a rockclimbing wall

Rock climbing is the ultimate full body work out that doesn’t actually feel like exercise. Don’t get it twisted, it’s no walk in the park, in terms of calorie burn it beats your bog-standard gym class any day.

Rock climbing adventures will strengthen and stretch every muscle in your body—and no, there’s no cheating. That includes your arms, fingers, shoulders, core, legs, and yes, even your toes. And that’s before we even get to the mental challenge of a climb! It’s the perfect top-to-toe workout for mind and body.

So, go on, break your gym rut; we’ve gathered up Brisbane’s best rock climbing spots to really get your blood pumping.

Urban Climb

West End and Milton

Urban Climb offers the full package, combing climbing, yoga and gym fitness training. They are infamous for their sculptural bouldering formations and their neon lit Boulder Banger nights. And what on earth is bouldering you say? It’s rock climbing stripped back to its bare essentials. No ropes and harnesses, it’s a faster paced challenge with shorter problem solving routes. Their classes are super friendly and the community is all about helping you reach new heights.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point

Of course, we can’t go past our most iconic outdoor adventure location, the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. This is the ultimate riverside climbing and abseiling experience right in the heart of Brisbane.  The naturally weathered walls are beautifully illuminated for night climbs (when it's cooler), and you are rewarded with some of the best views in Brisbane at the top. We’d pick this ascent to the Kangaroo Point Stairs any day.  We recommend booking in a night climb with Pinnacle Sports, which you can do here—they'll supply all the equipment and a guide, you just have to hang on.


Fortitude Valley

The first ever indoor rock climbing gym in Brisbane, Rocksports continues to take the lead with mountains of challenges to tick off your list. We’re talking 20 bouldering problems, 80 routes and 28 x 8m top rope walls! Combine that with their aerial silk and lyra hoops classes and you’re on the fast track to full body fitness. These are a suspended mix of gymnastics and dancing training, which sees you bending into all sorts of shapes that build your strength, flexibility and body awareness to supercharge your future climbs.

Crank Indoor Climbing


Crank is all about functional fitness fun. On top of sky scraping rock walls they’ve got Parkour training and a Ninja Warrior Park to scramble your way through. Parkour teaches you the moves to rescue and escape in any sticky situation and the Ninja Warrior Park obstacle course is set up to push any athlete to the limit, with leaps, vaults, wall runs and gymnastics.

Urban Xtreme 


Urban Xtreme is all about variety, with 10 adventure activities all under the same roof.  We’re talking rock climbing, snowsports, and adventure parks, not to mention some pretty awesome kid-friendly activities that are perfect to set them up for an early night (and some quiet time).  For those a bit more serious about the rock climbing sport, Urban Xtreme is the home of a championship competition space, the perfect training playground to conquer new heights.  

9 Degrees 


Sydney’s infamous 9 Degrees bouldering gym has finally hit the Brisbane rock climbing scene, and we couldn't be happier. The 430 square metre set-up here is complete with over 120 bouldering routes suited to all abilities, so you can jump, swing and bound until your grip strength runs out. Oh and the name? That's a sneaky reference to the nine degrees of difficulty.  Regardless of your athletic ability, you’ll find the level for you. 

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Image credit: Crank Indoor Climbing

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