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8 Of The Gold Coast's Best Group Fitness Classes

By Dani Byrnes - 28 Mar 2017

Lost the motivation to drag yourself to the gym, when you just want to be smashing out zzzzzzs?

Sick of the same ol’ aerobics classes, repetitive routines, and oh-so-terrible dance music? Us, too! Well, friends, we pained and we gained, just to bring you an entirely new offering of the best fitness classes on the Gold Coast to try this year.

Barre Blend | Aleenta Barre, Mermaid Waters

So, you’ve done mat Pilates? Great. Throw in a barre (not the fun kind, kids) and you’ve got yourself a serious amount of extra burrrrn baby, that you certainly won’t find in an ordinary Pilates class. We tried Aleenta Barre‘s Barre Blend class, which is a hybrid of yoga, ballet moves and Pilates, with a couple of 1kg weights thrown in the mix (which very quickly feel like 100kg). With this combo, you’ve got yourself a recipe for one hot ‘n’ sweaty ballerina (trust us, it’s a good look). Also a darn good anatomy class, as you’ll be feelin’ muscles you never knew existed the next day. Thank us later.

Iron ZUU | ZUU, Burleigh

Who would have thought an exercise style with absolutely no equipment would be one of the most challenging on our list? Mimicking animalistic movements, like the bear crawl, frog squat and gorilla walk, this primal fitness class was developed right here on the Gold Coast and is now a worldwide hit. Covering all bases from cardio to strength, Iron ZUU is one of the best training styles to melt fat, build lean muscle and prevent injury. Burn factor? Off the Richter scale. Worth it? Absolutely!

Aerial Yoga | Yoga Shed, Mermaid Waters

Aerial yoga, anti-gravity yoga, silk yoga, whatever you want to call it, you’ve got to try one of the best fitness classes on the Gold Coast at least once. But, if you’re like us, you’ll be back more often than that, because #addicted. Basically a fusion of yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and Cirque du soleil (kinda), this is probably the only non-cardio workout on the planet that will get your heart rate through the roof. That could have something to do with being suspended upside down from the ceiling in a silk hammock, while swirling around like an acrobat.

Functional Fitness | F45, Robina

One of the newest studios to HIIT the Gold Coast, centrally located right across the road from Robina Town Centre, is F45 Robina. When you go, don’t be fooled by their spacious, bright, schmick boutique studio, and smiley trainers—this will be one of the toughest functional fitness classes you’ll do, and guess what? You’ll bloody love it. So why do regulars keep going back? Because if results are what you’re after, it damn well works. Toned arms? Check. Ripped abs? Check. Hella fun? Check. No two workouts are the same at F45 and there are over 1,000 exercises to be experienced. The best part? You are done and dusted in 45 minutes flat. Can’t make it to Robina? You’ll find F45 studios across the entire length of the Gold Coast.

Barre Pilates | Xtend Barre, Burleigh

This place is called Xtend for a damn good reason. You’ll walk out of there feeling about five inches taller, lighter, and stronger than ever. We tried their signature Xtend Barre class, and let us tell you, this is no walk in the park. The ballet based high intensity, fast paced workout almost doubles as a French language class, because you’ll know exactly what a plié and a relevé is by the end of class. One way to describe this class is a slow burn; a silent killer really, in a good way, of course. You’ll need a little bit of basic coordination for this class; or fake it ‘til ya make, it like we did.

Hot Yoga | Hot Yoga Gold Coast, Burleigh And Mermaid Waters

Hot Yoga; that exercise fad that has stuck around for a while now, and it looks to stay that way. Why? ‘Cause it freaking rocks and is highly addictive. A traditional practice goes for 90 minutes, and Hot Yoga Gold Coast also offers an express 60-minute class for us time-poor folk. Created to improve flexibility, purify the body of toxins, and encourage weight loss, you’ll feel about a kilo or two lighter after class—because you probably are! It’s BYO towel and mat (or hire them) and you’ll need to be prepared to sweat a bead or two (or a swimming pool might be more accurate) so don’t go planning any post-hot yoga coffee catch ups with your gal pals.

Boxfit | KO Fitness, Miami

If long lean guns and an overall body transformation is what you’re after, this Boxfit class is your answer, friends. Held in the old-skool KO Fitness boxing gym at Miami, this circuit-style boxing class attracts guys and gals of all ages, who love a sweet old butt kickin’. With a mix of boxing, kickboxing, burpees and lunges (the fun stuff), this workout bags all the good stuff in under an hour. BYO boxing gloves, or borrow theirs.

Reformer HIIT | Pilates & Co., Miami

Adding an extra cardio hit to their traditional reformer classes, Pilates & Co. offer this high intensity class to help tone those hard-to-shift areas. In just 45 minutes, with an equal amount of strength and cardio, using the reformers, kettlebells and body weight movements, this energetic workout is tiptop to get the heart rate cranking and booty burning. Classes are small and kept to a maximum of six people, so there’s no chance of slacking off in the back, peeps!

Kicked arse at these spots and in search of more fitness classes on the Gold Coast? Check out these fun ways to get those jiggly buns into shape.


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