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Who’s Making The Best Pastries On The Gold Coast?

By Alex Topakas - 03 Nov 2017

best pastries on the gold coast

With the oncoming of warmer weather, we all know that whether we’ve spent the whole of winter working on those bikini bodies, balance really is key. 

Here at The Urban List we are no fool to know cheat days, cheat weeks or, heck, cheat months is perfectly normal, which is why we’ve done you the favour of sourcing the Coast’s best pastries on offer. 

Think decadent snickers croissants, all things doughnuts and, yes, cookies and cream slices really do exist. Happy eating, GC! 

Bam Bam Bakehouse 

Mermaid Beach

Snickers Twice Baked Croissant | Matt Preston definitely knows Bam Bam is one of the best bakeries on the Gold Coast, because he’s rating this flavour-packed croissant as one of his new faves. Head down to Bam Bam Bakehouse for a real treat, but be quick, they sell out faster than you could demolish it. 

Cookie Dough Croissant | We all know that one friend who buys a slab of cookie dough and considers it a meal. Whether you are that friend or know one, do ‘em a favour and buy them a Cookie Dough Croissant from Bam Bam. It is delicious!

Paddock Bakery


Salted Caramel Pretzel Crumbed Doughnut | Our favourite things all combined into one: salted caramel pretzel doughnuts are a thing, and they're darn good, too. 

Banoffee Pie | The banoffee pie—an old favourite and a diet staple. Paddock Bakery can whip up some seriously good pies, and we’d 100% suggest this one! One of the best bakeries on the Gold Coast in our books. 

Bisou Bakery

Isle of Capri

Almond Croissant | The almond croissant, everyone’s best friend. Had a bad day? Almond croissant. Post-work feeds? Almond croissant. Bisou Bakery really are nailing the pastry, and boy does it taste sooooo good. 

Burleigh Baker


Nutella Croissant | Pain de chocolat has never tasted better now Burleigh Baker is here and, of course, Nutella is the only way to satisfy all chocolate cravings. We approve!

The Pastry Emporium

Mermaid Waters & Bundall 

Cronuts | Bundall local The Pastry Emporium have just set up a new camp, near to The Nude Sisters in Mermaid Waters and we couldn’t be happier! Known for their decadent cronuts of all sorts (that’s a croissant-donut), it’s safe to say they are one of the best bakeries on the Gold Coast. 

The Bread Social

Tweed Heads 

Caramel Cruffin | Like a muffin, but a cronut. Gosh, these dessert puns do require a lot of thinking, luckily The Bread Social blows our minds and our taste buds. Swoon! 



Salted Maple & Chocolate Vegan Tartlets | You may have spotted these guys at Lovechild Lane… and darn lucky if you did! BVKED are becoming a Gold Coast favourite for both the vegan and non-vegan crowd, crafting signature desserts all cruelty free (there’s really nothing better!). Catch BVKED at various locations, as listed on their Facebook page. One bite of their salted maple and chocolate vegan tartlets and you'll be hooked.



Cookies and Cream Slice | Sweet dreams are made of cookies and cream slices, that’s for sure. Flour Bakery, located in the fancy Brickworks Centre on Ferry Road, really has that creative bakery knack we all know and love. Urban List approved!

All-Time Coffee Roasters

Mermaid Beach

Strawberries and Cream Doughtnut | Strawberries and cream. Doughnut. A match made in heaven. Need we say more? 

Fairybread Doughnut | Our childhood favourite paired with our favourite dessert—the doughnut. All-Time Coffee really know the key to our hearts.

Worked your way through the best pastries on the Gold Coast? You'd best be working up a sweat with these bush walks. 

Flour of Life Bakery 


Caramel Tarts | A serious contender and undeniable Northern favourite, Flour of Life Bakery is here and is 100% vegan! For all things cruelty-free, (and honestly mind-blowing), Flour of Life have taught us that you don’t have to give up pastries if you’re vegan or vegetarian. From caramel tarts to meringue made out of ‘chickpea fluff’ and wholesome replacements for egg and butter, you’re bound to love this Northern bakery. 

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List 

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