Found | The Most Romantic Weekend Away Ever

By Chloe Mackie
17th Dec 2015

After what feels like a ridiculously big year where, let’s be honest, most of us probably spent a little too much time watching Game of Thrones re-runs or dwelling over the fact Kimye called their little babe “Saint”. We think now is the perfect time for you to get back to nature, and hit the country road with your dearly beloved—to glorious Mount Tamborine!

Whether you and your main squeeze want to spend your mountain getaway eating perfectly handmade cheese and sipping on glass (after glass) of the very sweetest local red wines or, perhaps, sweating it out on one of the six walking tracks of Tamborine National Park (good for you, team!)—we’ve done the hard task of rounding up some of the very best things to eat, drink, see, and do in Gold Coast’s picturesque hinterland. ‘Cause we’re nice like that.


Spice of Life Café and Deli

The best brew on the mountain is without a doubt, Spice of Life Café and Deli. If you and your lover are coffee addicts and frequent the many hipster haunts of the Gold Coast’s beachside suburbs, let’s be real, no where on the mountain is probably going to rate on your trend scale. But if you can’t go without your morning coffee, this little gem will be your saviour.

Witches Chase Cheese Company

Witches Chase Cheese, Fortitude Brewing Company and Long Road Bistro offer a plethora of indulgences all wrapped up into one shiny factory at the end of the Gallery Walk. Expect mouth-watering Triple Cream Bries and Misty Mountain Blues, or you can even watch the cheese making process if that floats your boat. But if you’re like us and prefer to eat cheese rather than admire it, find a possie in the beer garden and peacefully devour every last blissful bite. Add to that some live music and locally-brewed craft beers, and it’s an all round his and her favourite.

The Old Church

You’ll find yourselves dining with the locals at this understated country eatery. With its sumptuous menu and degustation options, The Old Church is the perfect alternative to some of the more well-trodden tourist spots. If you find yourself here in the cooler months prepare to relax around a roaring fire, sipping local wines. It’s pretty much heaven on earth.


Snuggle Up at Mount Tamborine’s Lookouts

What better way to soak up the glorious vistas and fresh, fresh mountain air, than kicking back for a sunset picnic with your beloved by your side. Find a cosy chilled-out spot at one of the many lookout points around the mountain—trust us the views are ridiculous. It might just be one of the best things you do all weekend!

Glow Worm Caves

If you or your darling are undercover David Attenborough fans, you will LOVE the glow worm caves. It’s surprisingly pretty awesome and it’s the perfect excuse to have a cheeky smooch in a cave. ‘Cause when was the last time you did that?? Daytime tours are available through Cedar Creek Estate. Yep, the caves are part of a winery. Hallelujah, we hear you say!


Tour the Mountain’s Wineries and Breweries

With over eight wineries, two breweries and one distillery on the mountain, it’s safe to assume you won’t go without a drop over the weekend. As enthusiastic wine drinkers ourselves, our favourite is the Witches Falls Winery; the red is great, the white is even better. Treat yourselves and buy a bottle or two to take back to your mountain retreat—you’ll have a winning recipe for quite possibly the greatest mountain escape, ever.

Stop in at the charming Mountain Tamborine Country Markets

If you coincide your trip with the second Sunday of the month, you’re in for a treat. Held at the showgrounds, the Mount Tamborine Country Markets are as authentic as they get. If you don’t mind getting among the crowds on your romantic escape, you’ll be hanging out with locals, loads of day trippers and a few other eccentric characters who venture out of the woodworks. It’s packed to the seams with music, arts, antiques and realllyyyy good Bratwurst. Trust us, the German Sausage van always goes off!

Slip into Cedar Creek Falls and Rock Pools

Who doesn’t love free, fun activities? Grab a map, lace up the Nikes and pull out the selfie stick (kidding, not kidding). The Cedar Creek Falls are epic. It’s a bit of a hike to the rock pools, but worth every step. Not only will you get your romantic rainforest snap, but you’ll actually get a really good feel of just how insanely beautiful Mt Tambo really is.


So, where do we stay on this fine weekend away, you ask? We’ve got so many accommodation gems to share, it’s deserving of a post all of its own. Check back soon!

Until next time Mount Tamborine, you are glorious.


banner (5)Photo Credit: Queensland Tourism

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