Sweat It Out With 15 Fun Gold Coast Fitness Classes To Try

By Urban List Writers
2nd Sep 2019

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Wave goodbye to the boring treadmill and try out one of these Gold Coast fitness classes. From an explicit RnB cycle class to an indoor dance party complete with glow sticks, you can get fit and have fun—who knew?

Here are 15 of the coolest fitness classes on the Gold Coast. It’s time to werk it! 

Inspire Cycle


You know those post-workout endorphins we all crave? Well, at Inspire Cycle, you feel them the minute you walk through the door. Their upbeat team is high on life (and cycling). It’s not your standard spin class, you’ll use light weights and do choreographed movements to the beat of the music while on your bike. Each 45-minute class can burn up to 800 calories. Our tip? Try their explicit RnB class on Sunday mornings. You’ll feel like an absolute boss.

Apex Training Academy

Varsity Lakes

Boost your fitness and self-confidence with martial arts training. Apex Training Academy offers over 20 classes weekly including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, Judo and MMA. They cater for all ages, all fitness levels and offer female-only classes too. If you’re not sure and want to test the waters, opt for their free seven-day trial.



Glow sticks, disco lighting and your favourite club bangers. Need we say more? Clubbercise is a fusion of dance, toning and combat moves with both high and low impact options for all fitness levels. Each one-hour session burns around 600 calories. You get the best part of clubbing, without the hangover or doner kebabs. 

Aerial Yoga 

Mermaid Waters

Aerial yoga, anti-gravity yoga, silk yoga, whatever you want to call it, you’ve got to try one of the best fitness classes on the Gold Coast at least once. Basically a fusion of yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and Cirque du soleil (kinda), this is probably the only non-cardio workout on the planet that will get your heart rate through the roof. That could have something to do with being suspended upside down from the ceiling in a silk hammock, while swirling around like an acrobat.

Kbod Fitness

Palm Beach

It’s easy to see why dance-based workouts are popular—you never get bored and the time flies! KBOD Fitness combines dance inspired movement with HIIT, strength, toning, ballet, Pilates, dance cardio and yoga. Our favourite is their Runway Ready class, a HIIT cardio class with a sprinkle of boxing, a dash of barre and a pinch of plyometrics to get your heart rate going. 

Park Runs

Various Locations

Drag yourself, your fam and friends out of bed on a Saturday morning for anywhere between three and 20 kms of walking, running, or chitter-chat, at your closest Park Run. Switch it up each week; choose your destination, scenery and challenge and you’ll be signing up for the Gold Coast Marathon in no time. 

Jungle Body

Upper Coomera

If music gets you through a workout, then the Jungle Body is for you. Their high intensity workouts are set to the best songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. Throw in some 1.5-2.5kg dumbbells and you’re in for a sculpting session that will burn muscles you didn’t know you had. Each song only has four easy moves—we guarantee you’ll question why you never pursued a career as a backup dancer.



When it comes to keeping fit, there’s no denying Gold Coasters love a bit of adventure. So break your gym rut at Alpine Indoor Climbing, the Coast’s premier dedicated bouldering gym that’s also fully air-conditioned. See, bouldering differs to ‘rock climbing’ per se, it’s like rock climbing, but without the ropes and harness. But don’t let that scare you off, Alpine Indoor Climbing have a range of gradient walls from beginner gentle to expert hard-core and crash pads surround the entire thing so, you’re all good when your fingers and forearms throw in the towel. They offer both learn to climb and intense bouldering training sessions that will see your upper body strength, endurance and agility put to the test. 

The Zuu

Burleigh Heads

The Zuu is a human movement academy focused on animalistic exercises; think bear crawls, snakes and cobras. The workouts only use bodyweight but believe us, you will sweat like an animal too. It’s a form of high intensity training that was developed right here on the Gold Coast. Get in touch with your wild side and head along to a class.

Boxfit At KO Fitness


If long lean guns and an overall body transformation is what you’re after, this Boxfit class is your answer. Held in the old-skool KO Fitness boxing gym at Miami, this circuit-style boxing class attracts guys and gals of all ages, who love a sweet old butt kicking. With a mix of boxing, kickboxing, burpees and lunges (the fun stuff), this workout bags all the good stuff in under an hour.

Passada Dance Classes

Burleigh Heads

The School of Afro Latin Dance has a range of dance classes each week from Cuban Salsa to Dominican Bachata. With sessions Monday through Saturday, you can choose between sweat-inducing fitness classes like Sexy Heels and Afro Dance, or even brush up for your bride and groom wedding waltz. Get prepared to bust out African-inspired moves to the upbeat tunes of Afro house. 

Lights Out And Dance

Burleigh Heads And Runaway Bay

If you’re eager to get fit, yet are terrified of high intensity group training or boring treadmills, get yourself twerking, in the dark! Get fit for summer with Lights Out and Dance by dancing like no one is watching, literally. So what happens, exactly? The lights go out, you dance. Eat your heart out, Beyonce!

Barre Pilates At Xtend Barre

Burleigh Heads

This place is called Xtend for a damn good reason. You’ll walk out of there feeling about five inches taller, lighter and stronger than ever. We tried their signature Xtend Barre class, and let us tell you, this is no walk in the park. The ballet based high intensity, fast paced workout almost doubles as a French language class, because you’ll know exactly what a plié and a relevé is by the end of class. You’ll need a little bit of basic coordination for this class; or fake it until you make it. 

More a Pilates or yoga fan? You’ll find some of the Gold Coast best studios here and here

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