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By Sally Coates - 15 May 2016

If the gym isn’t exactly your idea of a good time, you’re not alone.

We know how tough it is to stick to a fitness regime, let alone see results, if you don’t actually enjoy it. Luckily we live on the Gold Coast, a magical place of all things weird and wonderful, and that also translates to our fitness industry.

That said, if you’re willing to branch out a little, you’re guaranteed to find something to help you get fit and fabulous, and that you’ll also look forward to. Winning! So read on for some of the best ways to get fit where a dumbbell and a treadmill are nowhere to be found.


Have you ever lusted over an insane twerking vid on the interwebs? Whether you’re a girl or a guy, watching those booties pop is absolutely mesmerising. No… just us? Well you’ll be interested to hear, twerking is not only a serious talent (which we all know, ‘cause we’ve all low-key tried it alone in our bedrooms), but it’s also a savage workout. The girls at #WERKIT know all about the booty gains and have turned this new-age art form into a fitness class which will seriously work your core, back, legs and booty, combined with some floor work to get that upper body involved. Trust us, you’ll be equal parts turned on and impressed once you actually give it a crack.

Bounce Fit

If you’ve been to a trampoline park at any stage, you’ll know it gets your heart rate up real freakin’ quick. It’s one of those situations where you think back “God damn, I must’ve been a fit kid!” because you could jump away for hours back in the day. Bounce Inc. in Robina have maximised on this fitness opportunity with their signature Bounce Fit class, a high-intensity, low-impact fitness formula where you’re guaranteed killer tunes, a smile on your face, and a little—ok a LOT—of panting. But also fun, it is a lot of fun.


This primal fitness type was developed right here on the Gold Coast as a means of targeting the muscles that traditional exercise might not reach, without putting added strain on the body. As suggested in the name, ZUU is focused on animalistic movements: the stamina of the hyena and stallion; the power of the lion, grizzly bear, and rhino; and the speed of the cheetah and antelope. If that doesn’t sound freakin’ cool enough, you can let your inner beast out of its cage knowing everyone there is in it for the same reason and you’re in a completely supportive environment. You’re gonna kill it. *insert flexing emoji*

Mile High Cycle House

What’s the worst part about spin class aside from the screeching trainer in lycra and the extreme physical pain? If you answered the fact everyone can see you turning an inhuman shade of red, sweating more than your uncle at his favourite nightspot, and making that extremely attractive face that’s a combination of “Please help me” and “I’m so angry I could head-butt a wall”, well, we’d have to agree. Australia’s first ever Mile High Cycle House has taken care of this with their revolutionary spin classes—set in the DARK to specifically-structured pumping beats. So you’re getting a killer workout while letting yourself work as hard as you can without the fear of you know, people seeing you.

Lights Out and Dance

Remember years back when you’d cut shapes on the d-floor, getting all kinds of sweaty and liberated in a nightclub? Wasn’t it the most fun and less chore-like form of exercise you’d ever experienced? And you know the well-worn adage, “dance like nobody is watching”? Well, all of that is the concept behind Lights Out and Dance. Held at Burleigh Heads State School, Monday nights see a weekly gathering of all ages, shapes, and sizes to dance freely in the darkness and without judgment, where you can shake out any stresses building up inside, and get the body moving which ever way you know how. Where do we sign up?


There’s a reason why these group fitness classes are still referred to as boot camps—AKA those brutal military fitness regimes that turn grown men into whimpering school girls. Because they work ya, and they work ya good. There’s just something invigorating about being determined to finish that next set, to push yourself to near exhaustion, and to impress your ripped trainer. We’ve got loads available on the Gold Coast, but check out these guys for heaps of different fitness types, locations and best of all, a free pass.

Martial Arts

What could be cooler than getting fit while also learning to defend yourself?! Martial arts is an awesome way to learn real-life skills, practice self discipline, and meet new people while also testing your physical strength and fitness. Lucky for us, on the Gold Coast we have a huge array of martial arts-centred fitness facilities for a range of age and skill levels, so you can take your pick of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shotokan, and Arakan among heaps of others. If you’ve ever tried any kind of martial arts you’ll know that you feel like an absolute boss hitting those pads and nailing the techniques, so it’s pretty good for the body and the ol’ self-confidence too.

Pole Dancing

Don’t laugh, pole dancing requires intense physical fitness, including crazy total-body strength and conditioning. Not just reserved for your seedy uncle’s favourite nightspot, pole dancing is a well-established industry with worldwide competitions and some seriously tough athletes. If you take up this niche activity you’ll be sure to not only feel like a sensual goddess but you’ll also feel the instant muscle burn. Working on the principles of complete core strength and muscular control, pole dancing is not just a badass party trick to whip out, it’ll pretty much get your bod looking the best it ever has. Where to start? Try Pole Blitz in Ashmore or Pole Catz in Bundall and Tweed Heads.


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