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8 Gorgeous Day Spas To Visit On The Gold Coast
By Brooke Darling - 06 Aug 2017

Whether you’re on the Gold Coast for a long time or a good time, chances are the searing Queensland sun has taken its toll on your… Read More +

Beauty News | Sephora Has Finally Confirmed Gold Coast Store!
By Brooke Darling - 17 Jun 2016

No more speculation, gals. This is really REALLY happening! We teased you with the rumours a few months back, but now Sephora has… Read More +

Who Is The Best Beautician On The Gold Coast?
By Brooke Darling - 15 Jun 2016

While a fortunate few can roll out of bed looking like a dewy-skinned Miranda, for the rest of us, looking fabulous can be a full-time job.… Read More +

48 Truths About The Gold Coast’s Winter
By Rachel Lay - 01 Jun 2016

Here on the Gold Coast, we don’t realise how much of a non event our winter is. There’s always a certain few who insist on… Read More +

Pacific Fair Set To Open New Retail Wing Tomorrow
By Brooke Darling - 04 May 2016

We’ve said this many times of late, but damn Gold Coast, how’d we get so lucky? New restaurants and cafés have been popping up like… Read More +

7 Of The Coast’s Best Barbers
By Brooke Darling - 19 Apr 2016

Gone are the days of awkward visits to the fluorescent-lit female-dominated hairdressing salon, where you often left internally cursing your… Read More +

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