Here’s 7 Travel Trends That’ll Be Filling Your Instagram Feed In 2024

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger

In the midst of planning that next stunning 2024 adventure, but feeling a touch of decision paralysis when it comes to deciding where? We've teamed up with TravaCalm to serve up some inspo with our favourite travel trends for 2024. 

No matter what your budget or work sitch, you're guaranteed to maximise those future holiday core memories with these seven travel trends you'll be finding all over your Instagram feed this year.

Travel Dupes

 In this cozzi livs crisis, 2024 is set to become the year of travel dupes, helping explorers get more bang for their buck. Dreaming of sailing the Croatian islands but the old bank account’s looking a tad bleak? Jump on a rental yacht and set sail through the Whitsundays instead. Desperate to sip your way through Portuguese wine country? Say hi to the Hunter Valley’s luscious rolling fields. We're so stupidly fortunate to have such a myriad of spectacular landscapes at our doorstep, so why not make the most of them this year and stick down under.


We didn’t just make it up—blending business and leisure is set to be all the rage in 2024. With digital nomads on the rise, younger demographics are making the most of flexible working conditions and choosing to spend their workdays on a balmy island somewhere (Bali has seen an exponential rise of digital nomads in the past decade) while soaking up paradise at the same time. This one’s a no-brainer for us.

Pop-Culture-Packed Itineraries

Pop culture is certainly making a splash when it comes to dictating our next adventure. We’d be surprised if you hadn’t added a Taorminan sojourn to your bucket list post-White Lotus, or Korea after binging Squid Games (we sure have). Cities are cashing in on pop-culture tourism—creating itineraries, merch and fun pop-ups for visitors to step into the lives of their fave Netflix heroes and villains.

Sustainable Eco Adventures

This trend ain’t going away anytime soon, and thankfully we’re seeing big bizzes lean into this trend with growing awareness and concern for the environment. Eco-conscious travellers are putting their hard-earned dollars behind hotels, Airbnbs and other accom options that are leaning into more green practices in architecture and functionality. Holiday digs that ensure their surroundings are nurtured and protected for future generations? How good. Travellers are also choosing to pack light, so they can public transport more easily and save carbon emissions on those long-haul flights.

Far North Queensland

Smart Shoulder Seasons

This one's for those looking to ditch the laborious queues and mind-numbing crowds on their next euro summer adventure. Travellers are leaning into skipping the crowds and venturing on holidays between seasons, travelling in autumn or spring rather than the peak of summer. You’ll score cheaper airfares and accom prices, slightly milder temps, plus the ability to experience those wanderlust-worthy cities as they’re intended—without a selfie stick in sight.

Transformational Trips

Fancy a bit of zen on your next escape? Wellness getaways continue to boom globally, with travellers spending a pretty penny to secure their spot at those ultra-glam pamper retreats celebs can't get enough of. Whether it’s a detox at Austria's decadent Lanserhof Lans nestled in the Swiss Alps, or Indonesia’s opulent COMO Shambhala Estate perched into the Ubud jungle, you’ll be scrolling plenty of these stunning spas in your 2024 feed. 

Lenno Lake Como Italy

Space Tourism

While still in its infancy, the multi-billionaires of the world are desperate to leap that final frontier and head to outer space for their next vacay. With companies like Virgin Galactic leading the charge, who knows what your summer break will look like in a decade or so at this rate? To infinity and beyond indeed.

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