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What Sparked The Rise Of Running Clubs In Melbourne And Why You Should Join One

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The 15 Best Camping Spots Across Victoria In 2023

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Where To Get The Best Manicure In Melbourne

Everyone who's anyone is rocking a manicured nail these days. From eye-catching nail art to simple nudes and pastels to sharp-ended…

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Here’s How To Keep The Conversation Rolling Around R U OK? Day

With things the way they are out in the world, it's OK not to be OK right now.

Local Escapes

A New Hot Springs Experience Is Coming To The 12 Apostles—And It’ll Be The Country’s Largest

Thanks to the rise in popularity of natural bathing, Victoria is well and truly leaning into its unofficial title, spa country. And…

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6 Meaningful Ways to Give Back To Your Local Community

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How To Meditate If You’re A Total Beginner

We thought we’d get some expert tips on how to add meditation to your daily routine, and what you should be doing when you finally sit…

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Slow Down Your Day-To-Day With These Simple Life Hacks

Finding yourself caught in the hustle and bustle? Turn things down a notch to prioritise your health and wellbeing. You don’t need to…

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Start 2023 Strong With These Healthy Ready Made Meals

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The Powerful Benefits Of Turmeric—And The Brand New Supplement You Need To Try

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Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day With This Saucy Gift Guide

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Discover The True Meaning Of Self-Care At Sense Of Self Bath-House

A new bath-house with a mission to redefine the wellness experience is opening in Melbourne’s inner-north next week. 


Give Someone A Little Self-Care With This Gift Guide For All Things Beauty And Wellness

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Escape Reality With Workations, Ephemeral Hotels, Vampire Culture And Eccentric Utopian Style

Your go-to guide to what’s on the rise, and on the slide in culture right now. 


Meet The Australian Made Sea Cucumber Serum That Makes Your Skin Glow Like Nothing Else

Baché De Mar’s sea cucumber collagen serums are a hit—here’s why.


Get Sweaty With 12 Of Melbourne’s Best Workouts

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Sweat It Out With These Virtual Classes From Your Favourite Gyms

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Zen Out With Melbourne’s Best Online Yoga And Meditation Classes

Life has been shaken up for pretty much everyone in the past few weeks. You might be working from home already, your weekly trip to the…


Clear Your Head With Happy Melon’s Free Online Guided Meditation

It’s pretty easy to let your thoughts get ahead of yourself in the day-to-day at the best of times, let alone with the current…

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Your Guide To Your Ultimate Summer Of Wellness In Melbourne

Summer is a time for relaxing and soaking up the sun, so it only makes sense to focus on wellness throughout the sunny season. And while…


What You Need To Know About Melbourne’s Surf Park

Back in February 2018, it was announced that a new inland surf park would be built in Tullamarine. Now, 18 months later,…

5 Seriously Simple Steps To Future Proof Your Finances

We all know it’s important to think ahead when it comes to your money, but there are so many things you need to be across it’s…


Beat That Midday Slump With 10 Of Melbourne’s Best Lunchtime Workouts

The daily grind of the working week can have you feeling many different things, for the most part, that you haven’t moved nearly…


A Sleep Festival Is Taking Over Melbourne’s IKEA Locations And We’re Here For It

Round up your mates because the IKEA Festival of Sleep is popping up for the first time ever this week.


Zen Out At 9 Of Victoria’s Best Wellness Retreats

If you’re sick of the monotonous routine of city life, why not treat yourself to a stay at one of Victoria’s wellness retreats?

Local Escapes

Here’s Where You Can Walk On Stunning Sand Dunes Just Over Two Hours From Melbourne

Starting at Stockyard campsite near the entrance of Wilsons Promontory park, you can follow the signposts to the northern flank of Big…


Forget Cheat Day, Here Are 12 Of Melbourne’s Healthiest Cafes

Whether you’re on a health kick, live a plant-based lifestyle, or you’re trying to have a few more meat-free Mondays, you are…

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Munch On Gluten-Free Cannoli At This Weekend’s Massive Gluten-Free Expo

Gluten-free crew, rejoice: The Gluten-Free Expo is coming back to Melbourne next month.


8 Of The Best Places To Float In Melbourne

When it comes to unplugging from the grind and finding that elusive zen state, we have one favoured method: float tanks. These sensory…


Salute The Sun In 15 Of Melbourne’s Most Beautiful Yoga Studios

There is an extra incentive to get involved in yoga emerging in Melbourne where instructors are running their classes in studios so…

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Breathe In And Bleat Out At Melbourne’s Baby Goat Meditation Sessions

There’s no better way to meditate than with baby goats, and anyone who disagrees can fight us on this. But whether you're a fan or…

What's On

Australia’s First-Ever Food Intolerance and Allergy Expo Launches In Melbourne This Week

Allergies and food intolerance suck. And with more than 4 million Australians living with allergic disease, it was about time we had an…


Defy Gravity At Melbourne’s New Huge Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel

Ever wanted to experience skydiving but not particularly keen at the thought of hurtling towards the ground at 250km per…


5 Of Melbourne’s Best Sustainable Beauty Salons

If you’re keen to beautify a little, but don’t want to hurt the environment, we’ve got you covered.

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Trash Is For Tossers | A Simple Guide To Going Plastic-Free

Let’s chat about breaking a dirty, little habit. No, we don’t mean your daily 3pm chocolate binge, we’re talking about…