8 Of The Best Places To Float In Melbourne

By Ioana Dragnef
6th Sep 2019


When it comes to unplugging from the grind and finding that elusive zen state, we have one favoured method: float tanks. These sensory deprivation tanks allow you to hit pause and detach from the many distractions of everyday life for 60 sweet minutes, so what's not to love?

Never hit the tank before? Staying afloat is a breeze. You’ll be buoyed up by a mix of Epsom salts submerged in body temperature water and you'll become instantly weightless, defying gravity as you slip deep into total blissed-out relaxation. With the only thing to-do being “chill out”, floating promises to revive your mind, boost recovery and enhance athletic performance as you drift away from the outside world.

Interested? Here are our favourite spots to float in Melbourne.

Rest House Float Centre

Hampton East

If you’re really looking to unwind, the guys at Rest House have you covered. Each of their four float pod rooms is equipped with a state-of-the-art Dreampod, a private shower and everything required to prepare you for your float session (towel, earplugs, makeup wipes and organic shower products). Once you’re done, sip on some tea in their Chill Out Lounge—you’ll never want to leave.

Beyond Rest 


The team behind Beyond Rest know what they’re doing. Not only are they scattered all throughout Australia, with venues in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, but their Collingwood location is pretty high tech. Their tanks are scientifically-backed to reduce stress, increase relaxation and reduce muscle pain, so go fort, float and be calm.

Gravity Floatation Centre


Flotation, floatation. Whichever way you spell it, Gravity does it and they do it well. The Gravity Float is an experience of feeling incredible tension release, allowing the body to restore through the absorption of magnesium and giving the mind a chance to expand consciousness and focus. Plus they currently have an ‘intro to float’ promotion, which gives you 3 floats for $177. Pretty sweet deal.

Sensu Spa 


Sensu is a Japanese-inspired spa that will quickly become your go-to if you’re in the CBD. You can enjoy a float on its own or if you’re looking for total rejuvenation, combine a float with a Japanese Shiatsu massage in their Float Away Package.

The Orchard


Did you know that no matter how long you float, your skin will not form any wrinkles that are normally associated with prolonged water soaking? That’s good to know, especially since The Orchard has added 4 brand-new floatation tanks to their services. Go and get yourself some serious, wrinkle-free relaxation.

Liquid Room


Liquid Room is a space that allows individuals to immerse into a world of deep relaxation, while also improving body awareness and helping you discover your true optimal self. Even the name sounds relaxing: Liquid Room. Hit up their float rooms or try their yoga classes or heavenly massages.

Water Temple Floatation Therapy


The team at Water Temple want you to have the best possible float experience and are there to support you every step of the way. They tailor as much as possible to your needs, float temperature, audio preferences and lighting, as well as the time spent in the dedicated after-float space where you can allow yourself to rest, re-set and recover both physically and mentally.

Innerverse Floatation Therapy Centre


Innerverse Floatation Therapy Centre offers various services, including floats, massages and even infrared sauna. Whether you’re looking to float away from your muscle pain or your stress, you won’t be disappointed. Stick to a simple float or combine it with a relaxing massage for the ultimate relaxation combo.

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Image credit: Gravity Floatation Centre

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