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Your 2023 Guide To The Best Tiramisu In And Around Melbourne

By Simon Cassar
22nd Sep 2023

Nothing says treat yourself like a big ol’ slab of tiramisu. Originating in the northern region of Italy in the 1960s, the tiramisu has become an Italian staple. It’s no surprise why considering its components: light Savoiardi biscuits soaked in Italian coffee and layered with rich mascarpone cream and good-quality cacao. 

Melbournians are no strangers to quality Italian food and, luckily for us, there are heaps of incredible tiramisu on offer across the city—perfected over decades worth of nonna’s own recipes and completely reinvented in culinary kitchens. Here are some of our favourites:

Grill Americano 


Quite the dining experience, in place of the typical single-serve tiramisu landing on your table, Grill Americano has opted for a more communal type feel, with white-jacketed waiters portioning out the dessert onto your plate from a large crystal bowl.
In the sleek, dim-lit diner from restauranteur, Chris Lucas, this communal-type strategy seems to fit like a glove and the perfectly layered Tiramisu with tempered chocolate and stove-top espresso coffee blend together like age-old friends. 
A person topping a tiramisu with powdered chocolate, a best tiramisu melbourne option.

The Code Pizza Bar 


It may be new but the perfectly composed slab of Tiramisu at this Italian eatery is on par with the top dogs. Helmed by Italian native, Alessio Albano, his pizza bar, The Code is a refuge for quality southern Italian cuisine. Drawing on his heritage growing up in Lecce, Puglia Alessio brings a simple yet refined take on the classic dessert, sourcing the best possible Savoiardi biscuits and Mascarpone cream around Melbourne, resulting in a perfectly creamy yet structured serving with every spoonful.

Brunetti Classico


If we’re talking Italian cakes, Melbourne institution Brunetti is the place to start. Brunetti was acquired by the Angele family in 1991 and has since become a cornerstone in Melbourne's cafe-culture history. They have perfected the art of Italian coffee making and brought Roman Pasticceria to Carlton, so with this in mind you can be sure that they're home to one of the best Tiramisu Melbourne has on offer.

Brunetti uses traditional flavours and ingredients to create its semifreddo (semi-frozen) tiramisu, offering a refreshing edge to the otherwise rich dessert. Available in both a single serving size or in the form of an extravagant Brunetti cake, this is a perfect benchmark tiramisu.

Maha North And Maha East


When Shane Delia swings, he doesn't miss. It can be said for his brand of Middle Eastern restaurants, Maha, right down to the specific menu items, and his take on the tiramisu—which can be found at two of the three Maha's—is a prime example.

In Delia's iteration of the tried and tested dessert, the baklava tiramisu, you'll find candied filo & nuts, kaymak & honey cream stacked boozy sponge fingers. Book yourself a seat at the table here, and make sure you order the tiramisu of course. 

A person putting a fork into a tiramisu in melbourne dish.

Tipo 00


Owned by esteemed chef Andreas Papadakis, Tipo 00 combines fine-dining techniques with clean Italian flavours to create a truly unique and elevated dining experience. While most renowned for its handmade pasta dishes, this restaurant’s tiramisu or 'Tipomisu' is not one to miss.

It’s not your classic cream-sponge combo—it uses heavier chocolate and coffee flavours and incorporates a signature caramel into its base. This top-end restaurant experimentation has led to one of the best tiramisu that Melbourne has.

DOC Gastronomia


D.O.C stands for Denominazione Di Origine Controllata, a measurement system used in Italy to indicate the highest quality of food. It’s no coincidence then that DOC Gastronomia in Carlton is renowned for stocking the highest quality goods, which they use to perfect traditional Italian flavours. Their tiramisu is made fresh with ingredients shipped straight from the boot-shaped country.

The DOC delicatessen on Lygon Street offers generous single serves of this tasty treat, but can also make a tiramisu tray for up to 10 people—a perfect option if you want a delicious restaurant-quality dessert for household dining. 

A perfect tiramisu Melbourne in a large stainless steel sundae cup.

Grossi Grill


Grossi is home to one of the best tiramisu Melbourne has, this Italian dining establishment was purchased by the Grossi family in 1999 and has been upholding the standard for Italian restaurants ever since. Its tiramisu is a testament to this legacy, laced with aromatic sambuca and sweet, delicate Pavesini biscuits. Of course, this is a Grossi family recipe, tried and tested through the generations for a guaranteed hit. 

Stokehouse Pasta Bar 


Stokehouse's Pasta Bar version of the tiramisu scores an honourable mention. It's a case of a classic executed as is should be, leaning into the rich flavours of a traditional tira'. There is, however, a twist: as a nod to the bombe alaska, one of the most famed desserts of yesteryear, Stokehouse's tiramisu is presented visually in the shape of the famous "bombe".

A slice of a melbourne tiramisu on a white plate.



This Italian basement restaurant is tucked away in one of Melbourne's most famous laneways. It offers simple, elegant Venetian food, presented delicately. The flavours are well-balanced and nuanced, and its sleek minimalist decor offers a romantic escape from the busy city above. Cecconis’ tiramisu perfectly reflects this restaurant's style.

It elevates the tiramisu but remains true to the original. Its house-made sponge is soaked in a combination of Kahlua, Strega, coffee and mascarpone cream cheese, before being cut into perfect circles and stacked neatly. This precarious dessert is then topped with dramatic chocolate shards for texture, offering the perfect end to any Italian meal and making the cut onto the best tiramisu Melbourne list.



Capitano adds two of our favourite things to their not-so-traditional tiramisu, hazelnuts and booze. But not just any booze— a Melbourne-made Amaro liqueur, which adds a bitter citrusy note to this heavy cream dessert.

They also sneak in a little amaro in their mascarpone cream, for that extra kick. This dish is made fresh to order and is served in a flat dish designed to share, with multiple spoons. Capitano also offers a tiramisu milk punch, transforming those tiramisu flavours into a strong, decadent bev.

Cafe Di Stasio 


This intimate Italian bistro with a hefty lineage in the heart of St Kilda packs a punch. Renowned for its menu stacked with regional favourites, extensive wine list and lively atmosphere, they’ve been in the business for so long, for a reason.

Di Stasio’s tiramisu layers cake sponge bathed in Strega and coffee liqueur with an airy mascarpone is finished with premium dark chocolate shavings. Light and sweet, it’s the perfect way to close out a session at the southside institution. 

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Image credit: Cappo Sociale

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