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A New Hot Springs Experience Is Coming To The 12 Apostles—And It’ll Be The Country’s Largest

By Rick Stephens

Thanks to the rise in popularity of natural bathing, Victoria is well and truly leaning into its unofficial title, spa country. And soon, the great southern state will be home to Australia’s largest hot springs experience, The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort. 

Led by developers Rocdon, who have worked closely with Naomi Gregory, Principle Consultant at Spa Session, the sprawling property will bring world-class geo-thermal bathing to the 12 Apostles region, along with a 150-room wellness resort to the breathtaking location. 

“Traditionally hot springs have been associated with places like Japan and Europe but Australia has seen an enormous renaissance on natural bathing,” Gregory said.

And while we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to bathing in Victoria, a key difference at The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort is that the site will make full use of the naturally heated thermal mineral springs that lay around 1km below the ground. For those bathing, that not only makes for a leisurely time in the pools but they’ll also reap the health benefits, improving skin health, aiding in the detoxification of the body, and even boosting the immune system thanks to the mineral-rich waters.

Along with the bathing offering, The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort will also encompass several dining experiences and multiple accommodation options should you wish to extend your steaming and soaking experience over several days. 

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