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Slow Down Your Day-To-Day With These Simple Life Hacks

By Natasha Van Der Laan

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Finding yourself caught in the hustle and bustle? Want to turn things down a notch to prioritise your health and wellbeing? You don’t need to turn your entire life on its head—a few simple changes can make a world of difference and create the bit of extra time and space you've been craving. To help you live a more mindful life, we’ve partnered with Set For Life. They champion living your best, balanced life—and that means having time for you, your connections, and what makes you happy. Here are six ways to slow things down when you feel like you need a break from the daily grind.

Commit To Unplugging

Oh, social media—we have a love-hate relationship with you. Be conscious about your screen consumption to help you live a slower life. Have a think about how being online impacts your wellbeing. How is it making you feel? How is it impacting your relationships? If things are off, it might be time to recharge with a digital detox. You don't have to cut it out completely, there are lots of creative ways to unplug: try social media-free Sundays, sub your phone for your Kindle, or commit to leaving your phone tucked away in a drawer for a few hours before bed. It might feel hard or uncomfortable as you shift from the addictive black hole of TikTok, but you’ll feel better for it.

Get Yourself An Old-School Alarm Clock

Another way to unplug is keeping your phone—and those pesky push notifications—out of the bedroom. Work emails shouldn’t weigh on your mind as you go to bed—or be the first thing you lay your eyes on in the morning. One case against the habit is that nighttime screen exposure impacts the production of melatonin. Known as the hormone of darkness, melatonin reduction can cause havoc to your circadian rhythm and ability to get those lovely sleepy vibes. Leave your phone in another room—or at least well out of arm’s reach—and rely on an old-school alarm clock to wake you up in the morn. This could just be the secret to a good night’s sleep. 

Find Zen With Breathwork

Breathe in for four, hold for seven, and exhale for eight. In 2023, breathwork is having a moment but the wellness trend isn’t new. Many people have been practising conscious breathing for thousands of years. The idea is to control your breathing in a mindful and systematic way. The result? It puts a handbrake on stress and replaces it with feelings of deep relaxation. Learn the techniques online or find a live class near you. How good is a deep, cleansing breath?! 

Say No To Something

Embrace the mantra: “if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no”. Your time and energy are precious resources and you don’t have an infinite supply. If you’ve got too much on or something’s giving you the ick, learn the magic of saying no. Setting boundaries and flexing your no muscle can be challenging at first. However—like everything—the more you practice, the easier it gets. You’ll avoid biting off more than you can chew and the weight off your shoulders can feel oh-so liberating. Figure out where you want to put your focus and let go of the rest.

Schedule Your Downtime

If you’re the type to go, go, go until you find yourself burnt out, it’s time to rewrite the narrative. Make ‘me time’ a priority and schedule it in the same way you tackle other tasks. Rest and relaxation look different for everyone. It could mean walking around the block during your lunch break, having a dedicated shower ritual, or curling up with a book ahead of bedtime. Determine what fills your cup by finding activities and routines that are calming and restore your energy. 

Spend Time In Nature

In modern life, it’s all too common to step away from nature. However, quality time with Mother Nature is a beautiful way to slow down, while experiencing a boost to your wellbeing. In Japan, they’ve embraced an ecotherapy called shinrin-yoku—or forest bathing. Despite the name, you don’t need to be off the grid in a deep forest. The practice can be as simple as walking in any natural environment and consciously connecting with what’s around you. Give the mindful practice a go or, if it’s not your vibe, find other ways to spend time outdoors. Sometimes walking the dog is just what the doctor ordered!

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Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by Set For Life and proudly endorsed by The Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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