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5 Of Melbourne’s Best Sustainable Beauty Salons

By Sophie Hodges
19th Jun 2019

If you’re keen to beautify a little, but don’t want to hurt the environment, we’ve got you covered. Melbourne has a plethora of salons committed to sustainability and minimising their environmental footprint, so we’ve gone ahead and wrapped up some of the absolute best. If you’re looking for a salon closer to you, we suggest using the Sustainable Salons directory, an organisation committed to reducing waste within the industry.

Rubi Hair

Richmond, Windsor & Malvern

Hands down one of the best salons in Melbourne, Rubi Hair is also super conscious and committed when it comes to sustainability, so it’s a win-win.

Truly one of the most relaxed salon experiences you’ll have, these guys don’t care how many Instagram followers you have, or what you’re wearing when you come in, they just want you to leave with your best hair ever. Rubi Hair has partnered with Veoila to ensure all their waste is managed sustainability, separating their waste into different bins to be recycled. Even the hair is collected with organic waste and used to make compost.

These sustainable business practices have seen them achieve Green Accreditation from Salon Select and the Australia Hairdressing Council. But it doesn’t stop there; basins are fitted with Eco Head, reducing water usage. Foils used are from Foil Republic which contains recycled aluminium. Even their toilet paper is 100% recycled. These guys are all about exceeding the regulatory requirements, and seriously minimising their environmental footprint.

Bat Your Lash


Bat Your Lash aims to use local products and offers services that give the best results without harming anyone or our planet. Using only vegan and cruelty-free products, the salon engages in sustainable practices by teaming up with Sustainable Salons, who personally collect and reuse their plastic, paper and waste.

So, whether ethical beauty is on your agenda or not, it’s nice to know Bat Your Lash are minimising your footprint on the planet. 

Little Company


Step inside Little Company and you’ll instantly feel a sense of relaxation, the space is contemporary and simple.

Focusing on giving visitors a completely natural experience, all of the building materials came from sustainably produced and non-toxic sources. And that’s just the start. Little Company’s belief is that our skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside, so they focus on extending your approach to wellness beyond what you’re putting on your body.

Little Company only uses organic and natural products, produced in small batches, to ensure quality is premium and consistent.

TKAY Studio


The TKAY Studio is another partner of Sustainable Salons, who strive towards having a zero waste industry and collect 95% of the salon bin. The TKAY Studio is utterly beautiful and will elevate your Instagram feed instantly.

They use the highest quality products and focus on making you feel beautiful from the inside out. Hair, make up, spray tans and nails—they have you covered no matter your beauty needs.



Another part of Sustainable Salons, Stache has an incredible focus on sustainability and education around it. On top of recycling the majority of their waste, Stache also sends excess shampoo and hair colour waste to a chemical recycler, rather than letting it enter our waterways.

Ponytails go to Variety Charity to provide wigs to children with alopecia, and cut hair is made into booms used to absorb oil spills. On top of all their sustainability efforts, you’ll also get an amazing haircut or colour.

Image credit: Unsplash

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