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6 Meaningful Ways to Give Back To Your Local Community

By Natasha Van Der Laan

Person collecting vegetables from market

Set yourself a pledge to give back. Volunteering your time and effort can be a rewarding, warm-and-fuzzy experience. The positives are endless: you’ll experience a sense of purpose, learn new skills, and get to connect with cool new people. And that’s not to mention the meaningful impact your actions have on others and the planet. It’s a win-win if you ask us! To determine where to start, we’ve partnered with Set For Life who are all about living your best, enhanced life and the act of giving back is just one way to achieve this. Here are six ways to get involved.

Rally Your Friends For A Local Beach Clean

Fire up the group chat and recruit your friends and family for a beach or park clean. It’s an easy way to make an immediate and real difference to your local hangouts. Piggyback off an organised event or create your own—you’ll be amazed at how much rubbish you can collectively collate in even just a few hours. As a cherry on top, it’s a great way to catch up with your mates and enjoy time in nature. 

Roll Up Your Sleeves And Donate Blood

Here’s your chance to—quite literally—save lives. By donating blood, you can save up to three lives. Rolling up your sleeves can help with various medical needs, such as cancer treatments, surgeries, or someone who has been in an accident. The act of donating takes around ten minutes but your visit also includes a friendly chat (to ensure you’re eligible) and complimentary biscuits afterwards (the best part). 

Discover Your Green Thumb At The Community Garden

Celebrate the joy of harvesting and get stuck in at your local community garden or urban farm. Your efforts will provide homegrown produce to others, and you’ll benefit from the heart-warming magic of connecting with new people while spending time in the great outdoors. Better yet, chances are you’ll cross paths with some total gardening guns who will only be too happy to pass on their expertise. 

Plant A Tree… Or Several

Speaking of feeling the soil beneath your fingernails, another way to give back is by participating in a planting day. You’ll get those feel-good vibes and help conserve our natural environment. Get in touch with your local council or do a quick Google to find an upcoming planting event near you. Other volunteering opportunities include clearing invasive weeds, pest control, and nursery work. 

Cook Up A Storm In The Kitchen

Food banks rely on volunteers to help people in need. Don your apron to prepare and serve meals at a soup kitchen or get a workout in while packing and distributing food parcels. You could also make the world a better place by whipping up cookies for a neighbour. If you’re short on time, pay it forward by donating non-perishable food and necessities to local food banks. It can be as easy as buying a few extra items during your next supermarket trip.

Donate Your Unique Skills

Many other organisations could do with a helping hand. Not sure where to start? Think about what you’re good at and how that could benefit someone else. Introduce the elderly to the world wide web, empower new migrants with driving lessons, or walk furry friends at an animal shelter. No matter what you can bring to the table, your skills and passions can change lives.

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Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by Set For Life and proudly endorsed by The Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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