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Koala Just Released A New Mattress From $575 That Feels Like A Literal Cloud

By Phoebe Youl

Landing yourself a mattress that's both easy on your wallet and your weary bones rates about a nine on the scale of life difficulty. Typically cloud-like comfort comes with a hefty price tag attached. But why should you have to sacrifice the quality of your sleep, just because your budget doesn’t extend into plush pillow top territory? 

Enter: the Koala SE Mattress—the newcomer that’s tailor-made to solve exactly this dilemma. Already respected for revolutionising the mattress game, the team at Koala knows good snoozing, with a solid (and top-rated) line-up of comfortable and affordable mattresses on offer. However, their latest launch, the SE Mattress, takes this to a whole new level. 

Created to deliver cloud-nine feels, without requiring the sacrifice of your firstborn, the SE Mattress is all about redefining affordable comfort. Think luxurious comfort, meets budget-conscious sensibility. 

With years of expertise put into this design, Koala was able to deliver a top-tier sleeping experience at an affordable price point by using a clever four-layered concept. The top layer boasts a plush and breathable foam quilting, followed by a fixed, medium-firm comfort layer that’s designed to cradle every nook and cranny. Finally, the transition layer delivers progressive all-night support, while the 3-zone support base aligns your spine for seriously healthy sleep.

Irrespective of whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the cleverly engineered layers ensure you're always cradled in comfort and supported precisely where needed. Plus, say sayonara to midnight wake-ups, thanks to the mattress's Jedi-level motion isolation skills. They’ll even let you try it for up to 100 nights, with free shipping and wildly convenient (and speedy) delivery. 

Keen to enjoy a champagne sleep on a beer budget? Find out more about the Koala SE Mattress and shop it here—with Koala's fast (and free!) delivery. 

Image credit: Koala

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