Clear Your Head With Happy Melon’s Free Online Guided Meditation

By Rick Stephens
18th Mar 2020

It’s pretty easy to let your thoughts get ahead of yourself in the day-to-day at the best of times, let alone with the current situation at hand. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of simple methods and practices to bring you back down to earth, and one of those is meditation.

There are plenty of reasons that you might be apprehensive to head to a studio and sign up to a class right now, but the legends at Happy Melon Studio are making it that much easier to clear your head with free live guided meditations on their Instagram at 8:45am daily.

Speaking with Happy Melon Co-Founder Simon Davey, who also hosts the guided meditations, we unpacked why now is a great time to sign out for 25 minutes and be present.

“On a surface level, it absolutely helps reduce stress and anxiety. No one is prone to feeling stressed which makes it a really nice place to start.

 “As you practise more you start to develop a deeper connection with yourself and everything around you.”

Tuning in is as simple as opening the IG app and heading to @happymelonstudios (just in case you haven’t found it already). While the meditations are live, you can still tune in for 24 hours after and until the next day’s session begins to get your fix of clarity, positivity and connection, which Davey intends to give you plenty of.

“Hope is the big one to instil in people, and just a moment to connect with themselves, too. We speak a lot about how we’re a connection studio more than anything else. 

“To break that down, what does connection mean? What it means to me is that wherever you are, if you’re present, you’re most connected. Whether that’s a conversation or nature, if you’re truly where you are, you are connected to that moment and that’s really powerful,” Davey says.

“These sessions are trying to help people connect to their breath, or connect to my voice or whatever anchor they’re using so that they don’t have to focus on everything else for a period of time.”

Along with meditation, Davey suggests employing several other techniques to reduce stress which can slide right into your daily schedule, even if you are working from the confines of your own home. There’s also some good news for those with furry friends around the house.

“Meditation and movement are key to be done together, whatever movement works for you.” 

“Even walking is incredibly beneficial, getting outside, being in nature is another key component to helping people lower stress levels. Animals have been proven to be very good stress relievers as well,” says Davey.

Creating connection and improving that headspace of yours through meditation may sound like a substantial and time-consuming commitment, but the reality is meditation can be done anywhere for a length of time that suits you.

“To be honest, you can practise mindful breathing for one or two minutes and it’ll be hugely beneficial. Sometimes I get literally three breaths, and if you truly feel three breaths is enough, it helps reduce that feeling of stress increasing, and it can really settle your nervous system.”

Keep an eye on the Happy Melon Instagram to see when the next session is, that should give you something to look forward to tomorrow outside of that instant coffee.

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Image credit: Unsplash | Simon Migaj

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