Here’s Where You’ll Find This Insane 40-Cheese Toastie This Week

By Sammy Preston
3rd Jun 2021

A 40-cheese toastie

Nothing beats a classic three-cheese toastie—it’s one of the world’s greatest sandwiches. Oozing with a melange of gooey cheese, it’s usually a combo of hard and soft cheeses like cheddar, gouda, and mozzarella.

Though there are plenty of riffs on the triple cheese idea, we’ve just heard about a cheese toastie to rule all cheese toasties. In honour of National Cheese Day this Friday 4 June, a bunch of Aussie restaurants have banded together to serve the cheesiest toastie ever: an actual 40-cheese toastie.

What cheeses are involved in the mix you ask? Here is the full list of 40:

  1. Mozz Buffalo Sori
  2.  Fetta Lemnos
  3.  Haloumi Floridia
  4.  Mozz Scamorza Bianca
  5.  Egmont Shred Mainland
  6.  Mozz Scamorza Smoked
  7.  Tasty Shred Fred Walker
  8.  Provolone Mild Brazzal
  9.  Cheddar Black Jack
  10.  Pecorino Romano Zanet
  11.  Ashgrove Tassie Trio
  12.  Colby
  13.  Vega wine-infused cheese
  14.  Gouda cumin wedge
  15.  Zanetti Pecorino Romano
  16.  Parmigiano Reggiano
  17.  Cheddar Smoked
  18.  Saganaki
  19.  Havarti
  20. Blue Stilton
  21. Asiago D.O.P
  22. Camembert
  23. Natural Swiss cheese 
  24. Sartori balsamic
  25. Sartori espresso 
  26. Pecorino Romano 
  27. Truffelino
  28. Red Leicester
  29. Rubicon Lancashire 
  30. Double Gloucester 
  31. Gourmet Mozzarella 
  32. Jarlsberg
  33. Fiordimaso
  34. Pickled Onion cheddar 
  35. Gouda nutty and robust 
  36. Comté
  37. Emmental
  38. Manchego
  39. Roncal
  40. Burrata

This insane creation will be available from this Friday via Deliveroo for two weeks from four spots in VIC, including Royal Stacks and more.

The sando will set you back a cruisey $12, but the best part is that $5 from each toastie will go direct to Eat Up, a sandwich-based charity that aims to support hungry children.

“We have some of the biggest cheese fans here at Butter," says Butter executive chef, Julian Cincotta. "So when we were tasked with the challenge of creating a '40-Cheese Toastie', and all to help our mates over at Eat Up, we knew we had to step up to the grater! The end result… well you’re just going to have to get in and order before they all run out!!” 

The Details

What: 40-Cheese Toastie
When: Friday 4 June for two weeks
Where: Via Deliveroo from Royal Stacks, Punjabi Curry Cafe, Blackburn Pizza Kebab & Cafe, and Antipasti Deli Cafe.

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Image credit: Deliveroo

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