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Aperol Is Picking Up The Tab On 100k Spritz This Spring, Here’s How You Can Nab One

By Caitlin Booth
23rd Sep 2022

We’re not going to remind you of the onslaught of Euro summer vibes flowing through your feeds over the last couple of months because frankly, we can’t stand the FOMO anymore. Either you’ve spent summer sharing our FOMO, or you’ve returned from your OS galavanting with post-holiday blues. Whatever your ailment, we have the balm in the form of spring spontaneity—a sunset catch-up with your mates in the glorious hues of an Aussie golden hour. 

And what’s better than a refreshing spritz to evoke Amalfi Coast vibes, surrounded by good company? We can tell you—celebrating that good company with an Aperol Spritz that someone else has paid for. Yep, this season, Aperol wants to welcome you and your mates to the warmer weather by picking up the tab on 100,000 Aperol Spritz around the country. 

To nab your complimentary spritz, simply head to your fave venue that serves Aperol, purchase your spritz and make sure you grab a receipt that details an ‘Aperol Spritz’. Then, download MYY APP from App Store or  Google Play, click on the Aperol Spritz tile and follow the prompts to upload a photo of your receipt. You’ll then receive a digital cash card for the value of your spritz, up to $20, within minutes. Add the cash card to your digital wallet and voilà, a spritz on Aperol. 

Now, we know that as the weather warms up, the spontaneity of a spring sip with your mates is strong, so we recommend getting prepared and downloading the app now, so you can spend more quality time with your mates and less time trying to figure out the wifi password or waiting for it to download on a lush spring afternoon. 

What’s the catch you ask? Absolutely nothing, Aperol just wants you to celebrate in true Italian style by reconnecting and raising a glass with those you love over a refreshing drink. Salute! 

Offer ends 30th November and T&C's apply- simply head here to find out more. 

Image credit: supplied.

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