The AstraZeneca Vaccine Is Now Available To Victorians Aged 18 To 39

By Rick Stephens
9th Aug 2021

An image of the Melbourne city skyline for an article about the AstraZeneca vaccine in Melbourne.

In a bid to get more Victorians vaccinated, AstraZeneca is now available to any 18 to 39yo across the state who provides informed consent. 

There are around 50 vaccination clinics across Victoria, although nine will offer AstraZeneca vaccinations to under 40s.

Where To Get The AstraZeneca Vaccination In Melbourne?

Vaccination centres offering AstraZeneca to 18 to 39yos include the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston and the former Ford Factory in Geelong. Anyone looking for where to get the AstraZeneca vaccination in Melbourne and Victoria should take a look at the full list here and make a booking here.

Included in the list of vaccination centres is a drive-through located at a former Bunnings Warehouse in Melton. You can book in yourself for an AstraZeneca vaccine, as well as a car load of up to three others here—provided all passengers’ arms can be accessed through a window, of course.

The AstraZeneca vaccine will also still be available to under 40s in Melbourne and Victoria at participating general practices and Ps and respiratory clinics.

Is The AstraZeneca Vaccine Against COVID-19 Safe?

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation has advised that AstraZeneca is a safe vaccine which will reduce the risk of symptomatic infection by at least 67%; they’ve also stated it will reduce the risk of hospitalisation by 92%.

You can book in for your vaccine against COVID-19 here. Please consult a medical professional about what’s right for you.

Image credit: Houng Six | Unsplash

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