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Don’t Miss: Three Spots In Melbourne Doing One Thing Damn Well, The Humble Pie

By Urban List Writers
4th Jul 2022

The humble pie has been a mainstay for many as a snack in the AM, the arvo and even as a fully-fledged meal. Often, it’s an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it situation, with the classic beef option available at servos, corner stores and bakeries alike. A handful of pie purveyors, however, are dedicating their entire operation to the pastry-encrusted parcels.

It’s safe to say they’re having somewhat of a renaissance, and while there are plenty of spots around town to get a decent pie, these three locales are leaning into the ethos of doing one thing, and doing it damn well.

Magnum Pi


As you stroll down Brunswick Street keep your eyes peeled for Magnum Pi’s shopfront. Despite being relative newcomers, The Magnum Pi team have already cemented their status in Melbourne, stocking pastry cases all around the city. And now with their own home, the kitchen cranks out some of the best pulled beef pies—choose between peppercorn gravy, merlot reductions and caramelised onion combos. Should you be feeling more adventurous with your order, there’s also a cheesy monkfish, salmon selection or a chicken-filled pastry creation with salsa verde and Grana Padano cheese. 

Plant-lovers won’t miss out on the pie party, with house-made roasted vegetable pasties and beluga lentils encased in flaky goodness. 

Keith’s Pies


So, Keith’s Pies do dabble in various baked goods, but who are we to let a technicality get in the way of a good list? Keith’s Pies have been at it since 1953 so you know they’re not messing around; there are around 15 different options to select from here, with the classic beef giving the best in the city a run for their money. Those wanting to mix it up could and should tuck into a chicken and mushroom for a taste of Nostalgia—don’t forget a choccy milk from the fridge.

Pie Thief 

Footscray, Fitzroy

Sporting a 90s nostalgia feel, Pie Thief is serving up the most comforting pies you’ll ever want to get your hands on. We’re talking steak and cheese, lasagne pie, bacon and egg to brighten up your mornings. It takes just one look at Pie Thief’s Instagram to appreciate the love (and size) that has been put into these pies, and if your algorithm allows it, you might even spot their pie of the week… which right now is a salmon & monkfish with Winter veggies. 

Pie Thief is operating seven days a week over in Footscray, while their Fitzy locale is keeping northsiders satiated on Saturdays and Sundays,

For more of Melbourne’s stellar pies, head this way.

Image credit: Magnum Pi

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