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Melbourne’s Eco-Friendly Picnic Boats Are Officially Back On The Water

By Ben Tyers
13th Oct 2021


With light at the end of the tunnel, we're already seeing several Melbourne businesses reopen while still sticking to the current restrictions.

GoBoat Melbourne has reopened after closing during the recent lockdown, and they're letting up to five fully vaccinated people from a maximum of two households—or two partially vaccinated people—take out a boat. The same rules as picnics. Which means you can do exactly that on the boat itself.

GoBoat Melbourne lets you be your own captain with their Demark-built fibreglass boats which are made from recycled PET bottled, and recycled timber. The boats run on electric engines, which are silent and emit no pollution.

Co-found of GoBoat Melbourne Oliver Swan was introduced to the concept when visiting Denmark, and saw the need for something like this in Melbourne.

“GoBoat will open up a world of possibilities for locals and visitors alike, giving them access to Melbourne like never before and the chance to sail their own ship while socialising with family and friends.”

The boats have the capacity to fit up to eight people, which will hopefully be a possibility in the coming months, around the large picnic tables in the cenre.

And for those wondering, no, you don't need a boat licence. And yes, it is BYO, but the 'captain' must have a blood alcohol level of .05% at all times.

Hourly rates start from $129. Book here.

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