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Eco-Friendly Picnic Boats Launch On The Yarra Next Month

By Ben Tyers
17th Dec 2018


One of the big trends in Melbourne of late is the want to utilise the Yarra more than we have in the past.

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen floating bars in Arbory Afloat, and Superfish, there’s a proposed lap pool and wetlands project further up on the north bank, and now Copenhagen-born GoBoat will introduce picnic boats to “the river that runs upside down.”

GoBoat Melbourne will be letting you be your own captain come January as they launch their Demark-built fibreglass boats which are made from recycled PET bottled, and recycled timber. The boats run on electric engines, which are silent and emit no pollution.

Co-found of GoBoat Melbourne Oliver Swan was introduced to the concept when visiting Denmark, and saw the need for something like this in Melbourne.

“Melbourne has been screaming for something like this,” said Oliver.

“GoBoat will open up a world of possibilities for locals and visitors alike, giving them access to Melbourne like never before and the chance to sail their own ship while socialising with family and friends.”

The boats fit eight people around the large picnic tables. Hourly rates start from $93.

The first four GoBoats will launch from Docklands in January, with six more on order from Europe.

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Image credit: supplied

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