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5 Things On The Internet Bryce Mills And Struthless Regret Seeing, And Why You Should See Their Show

By Rick Stephens
3rd Sep 2022

Our brand new live show ‘God Is Dead’ is based on the theory that the internet is proof that humanity is doomed and God has abandoned us all.

Over the three years we put the show together, here are some of the things we’ve found on our deep dives that didn’t quite make the live show, but still negatively affected our mental health.

My Video For Briona

Absolute respect to this man for still having this video up on the internet 10 years after it first shocked the world. It just goes to show that we’ve been too comfortable oversharing on the internet for a LONG time. As much as this video is unbelievably uncomfortable to watch—the way the message in My VIdeo For Briona leaps out at you through the screen needs to be studied.

Retweet If I Can Eat

See above re: being too comfortable on the internet. If the audio from the above video has burned itself into your brain, consider Retweet If I Can Eat the visual element that’ll burn into your brain for today. There’s genuinely nothing more to say about it.

Adult Cake Smashes

If you’re a good person, when you cringe at something you’ll probably have a second voice that says “let people enjoy things”. In the case of Adult Cake Smashes, that voice is wrong.

You have to wonder what's going on when you dress up in children’s pyjamas, set up a half-decent photoshoot, order a cake, smear it all over your adult hands and face, and then upload a photo of it onto the internet? There are so many opportunities.

Touring The Largest Frat House In America

There is something refreshing about the sincerity in this video. On the surface, it’s a couple of frat bros showing off their just-okay digs, but underneath that this video is the story of personal branding—an issue we all grapple with in the digital age. For these presenters, that brand is “badass awesome chill bros”. This aim in itself is adorable.

Barbershop TikTok

Heads up, business owners: word of mouth is out and going viral is in. If your business isn’t on TikTok, all you need to do is check out your local barbershop for inspiration.

The world has gone so deep down the contentification rabbit hole that every haircut is now an opportunity to show off for the internet, like this and this. And no, it doesn’t matter if the child is screaming in fear while the haircut is happening.

Bryce Mills and Campbell Walker's (AKA Struthless) live show is happening Saturday 10 September at Melbourne's Max Watts. This way for tickets and more dates around the country.

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