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Freshen Up Your Face With These 6 Hairstyle Trends

By Elise Cullen
17th Aug 2021

Woman with curly hair standing with her hands in the air.

A hair change can be a marker of many things: a fresh start, a new chapter, letting go or levelling up. And after what felt like a year of isolation, a new hairstyle or haircut is an easy and effective way to feel like you’re back in control—or at the very least, a surefire way to keep mundanity at bay. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a fresh cut or a subtle change before you plunge into the deep end, there’s a slew of new (or revitalised) styles on the hair scene this year to get around. So, to bring you the best of the bunch and products to match, we’ve teamed with Hairhouse, Australia’s biggest retailer of leading hair care brands.

If you’re ready to shake things up and express yourself, here are six hairstyles to try next time you take a seat at the salon. 

Level Up Your Look With Curtain Bangs

Parted in the middle with long ‘curtain-style’ bangs to frame the face, this cut will draw everyone’s eyes to what’s behind the curtains and elevate your everyday look to care-free chic. A versatile cut for all types of hair, this particular style skyrockets from zero to 100 with a styling wand, giving you that coveted tousled mermaid vibe. Oh, and if you’re triggered from that cringe-worthy time you cut your own bangs back in high school (who isn’t?!), then curtain bangs are a solid middle ground to help you baby-step your way back to a full-blown fringe.

Lean Into A Curly Shag

If lockdown taught us one thing it was to release the tight grip you had on your straightener and embrace your natural curl. Stepping straight out of the 70s, the curly shag will instantly give you that Woodstock kick in your step and propel you to bliss out to Janis Joplin endlessly on vinyl. But as any curly-haired human will attest, curls can be hard to tame. Best suited for thicker hair, opt for a textured and curl-enhancing product to reduce the fizz but keep the bounce high.

Make A Statement With A Mullet

What do Miley Cyrus, Barbie Ferreira and Doja Cat all have in common? Mean looking mullets. Far from fresh on the scene, the mullet has forever dominated punk music and Aussie nostalgia, but at some point in 2021, the humble mullet crossed over into more mainstream territory with mullets flooding the red carpet, your Instagram feed and, more recently, the Tokyo Olympics. A braver cut for the bold ones among us, the mullet is only growing stronger but it’s sporting a much more relaxed vibe this time around—we’re into it. If you’re game, be sure to stock up on a weightless texture spray to achieve maximum hold.

Channel Your 90s Boy Crush

The 90s gifted us with many beautiful things: The Spice Girls and girl power, Doodle Bears and Devon Sawa. And while there were many iconic style moments to latch onto, boy band hair was certainly one of them—although the gravity of its legacy is only really being felt now. Slightly longer at the front, the ‘floppy’ cut is essentially halfway between a bob and a pixie. A welcomed, androgynous twist on a nostalgic cut, the 90s boy band hairstyle can be paired with practically anything—if you need serious style inspiration, Emma Corin has you covered. Gloss and softness is key for this look, so treat yourself with a hair mask to achieve maximum shine. 

Give Yourself The Royal Treatment

Speaking of Emma Corin, it wasn’t just her recent unparalleled depiction of Princess Diana in The Crown that raked in the accolades, it was also her take on Diana’s signature wispy bob. Undeniably one of the most iconic hairstyles of the late 80s (and quite possibly of all-time), the Diana Bob can be found deep in your mum’s family album archives and now on the streets. Slightly longer and more voluminous than the 90s boy band bob, the Diana bob is a relatively fuss-free cut. Comb through a little texture cream and voila, regal as.

Express Yourself With Bold Colour

The antidote to predictability, bold colour is all about expressing your individualism and embracing your uniqueness, and it’s certainly one way to stand out from the crowd. Leading the bold colour charge is Billie Eilish, breaking the internet every goddamn time she changes her colour. Her recent platinum power move was a marker of not only a new chapter but new music too. A trend that sits on the trickier end of the hair scale, bold colour is both high maintenance and high risk, so be sure to tread carefully and treat your locks with the utmost care. Look for colour treatments to protect and nourish your hair and colour-specific shampoo and conditioner. 

If you’re ready to freshen up your face with a new do, Hairhouse has you covered. Boasting the biggest selection of leading hair care brands including ghd, Kerastase, Matrix, L’Oreal, Biolage, Redken, Olaplex, Moroccanoil, Nak Hair and more, Hairhouse is both a hair retailer and a salon, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to looking after your locks. Click here for more. 

Editor’s note: this article was produced in partnership with Hairhouse. Thank you for supporting the partners who make Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here.


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