You Can Now Top Up Your Myki Instantly Via Your iPhone

By Rick Stephens
10th Oct 2021

Instant Myki top-ups by a train.

Picture this: a hasty pace up the steps of Flinders Street Station. You gaze up to see your train is leaving in three minutes. You’ve timed your commute to a perfect precision. Then, you realise your Myki is empty. Sweat beads down your yet-to-be caffeinated face as you join the end of the line to the Myki machine; your anxiety over making it to work on time is trumped only by the fact that your morning coffee pitstop won’t be a thing—and perhaps the thought of being that person running frantically along the platform to the train that you were frankly never going to board.

Well, that, my friends, is a thing of the past. Instant Myki top-ups have arrived.

The first question on the mind of many is if instant Myki top-up is available for iPhones? And the answer is a firm yes, instant Myki top-up is indeed available for iPhones. Your iPhone will need to have NFC capabilities—most do these days—and you’ll need to download or update the free PTV app then follow the top-up prompts from there. The same applies to Android users. Easy as.

The instant myki top-up cuts out the previous 90-minute load time via the app, and comes as a move not only to alleviate congestion (and sheer frustration) at stations, but to reduce cash handling at stations and retailers. 

Now, those running menacingly for that departing train, tram or bus will only have their time-management to blame—but at least you can top up while doing so.

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Image credit: Nao Takabayashi

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