Set The Dining Table, You Can Now Get Chin Chin, Hawker Hall, Baby Pizza And Kisumé Delivered

By Rick Stephens
3rd Aug 2020

A colourful spread of Asian-fusion dishes from Melbourne's Hawker Hall.

Chin Chin, Hawker Hall, Baby Pizza and for the first time ever, Kisumé, are taking delivery in-house to keep you fed each and every night of the week. 

It’s coined as Room Service, and the news comes courtesy of LUCAS Restaurants, who are playing their part in bringing Melbournes loved food and bev scene to your home while also keeping people in jobs across hospitality. 

“Adopting our own delivery service means we can have a fair flat fee, which means both our restaurants and our guests win. Supporting local business means we can keep our staff in jobs over this period of closure, especially for our highly skilled visa holders,” said Chris Lucas, CEO of LUCAS Restaurants.

It’s great news all ‘round, but what you really need to know is that you can now get that twice-cooked beef short rib from Chin Chin, or a primo sushi and sashimi box from Kisumé, delivered right to your door.

Delivery is available within 4 kilometres of each restaurant respectively for a flat fee of $5 on top of your order. The teams are also doubling down on kitchens, meaning you can now get Chin Chin and Kisumé from Richmond as well as their OG CBD locations. Place your orders via LUCAS Restaurants’ Room Service.

Healthcare workers will also score 50% off the pill for pick up orders made by phone—nice one.

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Image credit: supplied.

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