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Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Facials

By Serena McSweeney
26th Jul 2019


There are many strains that mundane life place upon individuals, and it’s no secret that these really don’t help when you’re trying to get that perfect, glowing skin.

Looking for a better alternative than trying to fix those regular breakouts with expensive skin-care products that don’t always work?

What could be better than professionals with great experience doing all the work for you? We’ve compiled a list of the best facials around Melbourne to help scrub away those skincare worries and allow you to feel calm, relaxed and glow from both the inside and outside.

Take Off Skin & Body

North Melbourne

Take Off Skin & Body is a leading skincare clinic located in North Melbourne. With treatment offerings ranging from Cosmeceutical Facials to LED Light Therapy to Aspect Peels, there is a skin treatment that suits everyone. They also offer skin consultations, so their aim is to understand what skin care treatment works best for you and customising these to suit your needs to give you the best result. 

Our personal favourite has to lie with the Pure Radiance Facial. At only $129 dollars, you’ll feel as though you’re making money with the results you get. Using potent ingredients, this facial aims to make your skins feel firmer, relaxed and invincible. With a heavy focus on mind and body relaxation, Take Off Skin & Body is the perfect place to unwind and work to get that glowing skin you’ve always been dreaming about. This facial is definitely all in the name, so be sure to check it out.  

What: Pure Radiance Facial
How long: 60-minutes
How much: $129

Aurora Spa Retreat

St Kilda

Skin can be as temperamental as the Melbourne weather, so what better way to help fight off those unhelpful breakouts than through Aurora Spa? Aurora Spa is a leading, urban spa that was established over 18 years ago and can be found within the Prince Hotel in St Kilda. With over 20 products available to the public, you can now take their skincare range home with you when you leave. Aurora Spa offers over 20 treatments and packages to us, ranging from retreats to steam rooms to pregnancy massages to facials, so you’ll always find a way to treat yourself here.  

A must try-for-yourself is their award-winning Signature Kitya Karny Treatment valued at $225. Included in this package is a private steam room, nutritious hair treatment and hydrating facial cleanse, and full-body exfoliation and massage. What more could one possibly want? This full-body experience will leave your body feeling mindful, your skin glowing and you feeling more relaxed than you could’ve ever imagined.  

What: Signature Kitya Karnu Treatment
How long: 60-minutes
How much: $225



Located in Prahran, Herbario works to alleviate the everyday stresses of life on the body through herbal nutrition, skincare, consultations and their health boutique. Every experience is a personal one, and Herbario offers experiences that work to transform your body (and make your skin glow). A unique offering we found at Herbario is their detox programs, where they help you to detox from the inside-out. Through nutritional assessments, diets for different phases and body treatments, you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt. 

Herbario has much more on offer than just their detox programs. Their consultations and treatment range would make it easy to never leave. A personal favourite of ours has to be their Face Detox Treatment. A full nourishment of the body, this treatment works from the inside out by focusing on the causes, not just fixing your skin. Through remedies such as adjusting jaw dysfunctions, herbal therapies and facial masks, you’ll walk out feeling revitalised. The initial session may feel slightly uncomfortable, but trust us when we say it’ll be worth it in the end. With over three decades of experience, it’s safe to say that Herbario knows exactly what they’re doing. 

What: Face Detox Treatment
How long: 90-minutes
How much: $320

Miss Fox


Need a little treat-yourself before, during or after work? Look no further than Miss Fox. Located on Little Collins Street, this will become your favourite new safe haven. Awarded World’s Best Beauty Salon 2018, Miss Fox is taking beauty boutiques to a whole new level. Miss Fox offers a range of services, from their salon to their skin clinic to their day spa, and they also cater for a great range of consumers, such as those with allergies or pregnancies. 

The next facial to hit our list is their Luxury Aromatherapy Spa Facial. If your skin is feeling dry and heavy and you’re looking for a nourishing cleanse, then this facial is perfect for you. In a facial where medical science meets sacred healing, Miss Fox uses hotel towels, masks, oils and other ingredients to help naturally rejuvenate your skin. All facials are customised to you, with their aromatherapy and natural crystals through a skin and sensory level. This unique facial will take you on a relaxed journey where you’ll feel as though you’ll no longer need a holiday.

What: Luxury Aromatherapy Spa Facial
How long: 60-minutes
How much: $195

Me Skin And Body

South Yarra

Located in South Yarra, Me Skin and Body will be your latest go-to for all things skin, facial, eye and body treatments. This beauty salon and skin clinic specialising in paramedical treatments like peels, skin needling and microdermabrasion. Their friendly staff will help make you relax and feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. If you’re looking to get rid of that dry, old skin and make way for a brand new one, then look no further. 

Me Skin and Body are using up-to-date advancements within the beauty and skin industry, and these are helping to transform their consumer's results in drastic ways. The treatment that won its way into our hearts goes to the Deage DeStress DeToxify Facial. Your transformative journey starts with a deep cleanse that works to get rid of your dry skin, followed by a multivitamin infusion to make sure that your smooth skin is rejuvenated and give you back that baby skin you thought was lost forever. Throughout this process, you’ll receive a face, neck and décolletage massage tailored to your needs. You’ll walk out of Me Skin and Body as a brand new person, and you’ll be left counting down the days until your next appointment. 

What: DeAge DeStress DeToxify Facial
How long: 60 minutes
How much: $210

Chuan Spa


Located at the Langham in Melbourne, Chuan Spa is a unique retreat that uses holistic therapies to provide a platform for their guests to detox, escape the mundane and to achieve the glowing skin they’ve always wanted. A contemporary spa that is up-to-date with therapies and advances within the industry, Chuan Spa is home to professional therapists to help their guests receive the highest quality experience and get the results they pay for.

A facial that we’ve taken a deep shining to is the Ultimate Glow Facial, which will make you feel younger and younger by the second. Through a thorough cleansing to remove dry skin, they use Vitamin C ingredients to rehydrate the skin and aim to help those problem skins repair and be calmed. In case you needed any more convincing, Chuan Spa has gone ahead and given complimentary access to their Tri-Bathing Ritual for guests. Experience The Langham Melbourne pool, salt water jacuzzi, heated sauna and river stone snails showers. 

What: Ultimate Glow
How long: 60-minutes
How much: $189

Nourish Spa & Skin Clinic

St Kilda

The epitome of professionalism and friendliness, Nourish Spa & Skin Clinic is defining their own mark within the skin and health industry and we’re absolutely loving it. Located in St Kilda, this spa and skin clinic works hard to provide their guests with a unique but special experience. An outlet to escape the pressures of every day and a place to go to receive professional 

Less is more, keep things simple, you know how the motherly sayings go. Who would’ve thought they could actually be right? Nourish Spa & Skin Clinic are showing simplicity is sometimes key, and their Nourish Signature Facial is a great example of this and is why it is one of our favourites. This facial works to cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate your skin, leaving you feeling reborn. This facial also includes a deluxe massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. You’ll feel like a new person walking out of here. 

What: Nourish Signature Facial
How much: 60-minutes
How much: $115

Skin Day Spa

St Kilda

The last (but certainly not least) place to hit up for a worth-your-money facial is Skin Day Spa. Located in St Kilda, Skin Day Spa will be your new favourite home away from home. With a range of experiences on offer, such as facials, waxing, led light therapy and organic massages, you’ll have to be dragged out of this place. 

What could be better than 75 minutes of a hydrating and nourishing massage? Absolutely nothing. Skin Day Spa is offering up their own take on rejuvenating facials, and we’re talking massages on massages on massages. The final facial to hit our list goes to the Super Hydrating Spa Facial Hydrate and Nourish, and all we can say is wow. With glycolic treatment to help shed away your old skin and make way for your new one, a performance face mask to hydrate your skin and then a full body massage. You heard right, face, neck hands and feet, the whole works. You’ll walk out of this place looking fresher than you’ve ever been before.

What: Super Hydrating Spa Facial Hydrate and Nourish
How long: 75 minutes
How much: $165

For more of the best Melbourne has to offer, head to our Best Of Guides section.

Image credit: Isabell Winter

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