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Melbourne’s Must Try Skin Treatments

By Iro Kotsimbos
18th Mar 2015

It’s no secret we’re a beauty obsessed bunch here at The Urban List—when it comes to looking after our skin, we think it’s totally worth investing that little extra.

While we’re all for using quality skincare, treating yourself to one of Melbourne’s best facials is also important; the combination of both in-salon treatments and home care is the recipe for skin success.

So who ya gonna call when you want to transform your skin? Keep reading, Listers, because we’ve hunted down five exceptional skin treatments Melbourne’s best beauty salons and clinics are offering.

Book in for one of these high-tech Melbourne facial treatments and prepare to watch the compliments roll in!

Best for…Anti-Ageing

Avenue Advanced Skin Care

Known for their powerful and effective skin treatments, Avenue Advanced Skin Care in Windsor is the go-to Melbourne beauty clinic if anti-ageing is your main concern. Why, you ask? Well, having a renowned plastic surgeon, Mr Allan Kalus, on-site means that Avenue Advanced Skin Care have access to the latest medical grade technologies.

There’s a variety of treatments on offer, but it’s the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy we’re booking in for—an innovative skin treatment, conductedby a specialist nurse, that uses a concentrated and refined sample of your own blood to help boost collagen levels, promote tissue repair and rejuvenate the skin. 

Sure, it’s a bit quirky, but there’s a reason why PRP is taking off overseas—the results speak for themselves. And if you’re wondering about the whole blood factor, you can rest assured that there’s no risk of allergy or infection as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy uses your own platelets. 

Best for…Peels

Take Off Skin & Body
North Melbourne

When it comes to Melbourne’s best facials and skin peels, North Melbourne beauty salon, Take Off Skin & Body, is up there with the crème de le crème—these gals know skin!

While the Take Off Skin & Body team offer a variety of results-oriented skin treatments—your therapist will help you pick which is best for you—the Aspect Lactobotanical Peel is our numero uno and arguably the best skin peel out there.

So why is it so damn good? Well this super skin treatment helps to reduce the signs of ageing, kicks dryness to the curb, helps solve discolouration, and also address excessive oiliness (cos let’s face it, that’s not the glow we want!). The best part is that the Aspect Lactobotanical peel is gentle on the skin and requires little ‘down-time’ between sessions. Glowing skin, come at us!

Best for…LED Light Therapy


We’ve long been of Carlton laser and cosmetic clinic, Clinica-Lase—from laser therapy to some of the best facials in Melbourne, this is one skin mecca you simply must try.

It’s the LED Light Therapy at Clinica-Lase that makes our list of Melbourne’s best skin treatments, though; perfect if you want to blitz blemished skin, or address ageing, pigmentation or rosacea. The best part of this treatment is that the light emitting diodes effectively target your concerns without creating heat and damaging the skin. For an extra beauty boost, we suggest combining it with the Société Lactic Peel, which uses antioxidants, beta glucan and lactic acids to rid the skin of dry cells and really get you glowing!

(We’re also super keen to try the e-Dermastamp treatment at Clinica-Lase…a new microneedling technology that stimulates collagen and strengthens skin prone to redness and inflammation).

Best for…Microhydrabrasion

Claire Francoise

If your main skin concern is boosting hydration levels, then you better book in ASAP at one of Melbourne’s best beauty salons, Claire Francoise in Prahran—the microhydrabrasion here is one the best facial treatments we’ve tried!

Going one step better than microdermabrasion, this unique skin treatment uses a two-step process to kick dry skin cells to the curb before infusing the skin with a super boost of hydration. Step one is the microdermabrasion part—a gentle yet effective exfoliating sweep of the skin using the diamond microdermabrasion head. Then comes step two, the oh-so-good part—a flush of H20 to thoroughly clean each pore and bump up the hydration levels, leaving your skin with deeply cleansed pores and a glow so good people might think, well, you know…

Best for…Skin Needling

Red Carpet Face Spa

One of our latest Melbourne beauty salon finds is Red Carpet Face Spa, a super swish, results-focused day spa in Armadale. Run by the brilliant Neelu Ameen, who has a passion for skin unlike anyone we’ve ever seen, Red Carpet Face Spa offers a range of facials and anti-ageing skin treatments that deliver serious wow-factor.

There's a range of treatments available, however it’s the Skin Needling that puts Red Carpet Face Spa ahead of the rest. Using a combination of numbing cream and gentle roller with super fine needles, the Skin Needling facial helps to boost collagen and elastin production, smooth skin and reduce scarring—in other words, it’s Melbourne’s best facial for helping to turn back the clock!

(We’re also mad for the Ayurvedic Facial—quite possibly, the most relaxing facial we’ve ever had. We were asleep in minutes and woke up with the most amazing, dewy skin!)

Best for…Enzyme Therapy


Our roundup of the best skin treatments in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without the DMK Enzyme Therapy from Skinovations—hands down, one of the best facials we’ve tried!

So how does it work? Well, the DMK Enzyme Therapy uses a powerful combo of antioxidants and acids to remove the icky old skin and toxins that cause dullness via a fancy process called ‘reverse osmosis’ (aka SCIENCE). Enzyme therapy also gives your facial muscles a mini-workout, helping to strengthen the skin’s surface, leaving a glow-tastic effect.

Recommended as a series of at least three treatments, DMK Enzyme Therapy at Skinovations is easily one of Melbourne’s best facials and a must-book if you’re after clear-as-crystal skin.

If you’re looking for glowing skin, Listers, look no further than the above skin treatments. From Melbourne’s best facials, to skin needling, microhydrabrasion and more, these treatments are where it’s at!

Image Credit: VAMFF 2015 Premium Runway 2 Presented by Frankie. Photography by Sabine Legrand. 

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