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Break Out The Shaker, Here’s How To Make Longrain’s Exclusive Coffee Cocktail At Home

By Sophie Hart
16th Mar 2021

An espresso martini garnished with silver leaf stands on a green table.

Melbourne Fashion Festival kicked off with fashion taking over our streets, Insta feeds and even one of our favourite restaurants. 

As the official coffee partner for this year’s MFF, Nespresso teamed up with the legends at Longrain to merge the world’s of food and fashion and produce a dreamy, coffee-infused cocktail.

Couldn't pop into Longrain to try the exclusive cocktail before the end of MFF? Don’t worry, they’ve done us a solid and dished the recipe so you can make it at home. 

Ryan Russel, the man behind the bar at Longrain says the cocktail is a true celebration of Melbourne Fashion Festival’s 25th year, coming together perfectly in a fashion-inspired silver Nespresso cocktail.

“The drink features subtle citrusy notes coming through from Highland Tequila with rounding coffee and vanilla sweetness balanced by a robust bitterness from the coffee,” says Russell. 

The characteristics of Nespresso’s Diavolitto blend are a perfect match to balance the citrusy elements of highland tequila, giving you the whole spectrum of bitter, sweet, and tang in a good cocktail.”

The trick to shaking up great cocktails at home? Russel says the secret is in the ice and the way you shake it. “You want to shake vigorously to get the creamy top on the cocktail and you need large ice cubes so your drink doesn’t water down. Be expressive, be creative, use whatever you have in the kitchen to make your own fashion-inspired cocktail!”



  • 45ml Corazón Blanco Tequila

  • 15ml Kahlua

  • 15ml Palm Sugar Syrup

  • 40ml Nespresso Diavolitto coffee


Use the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine to extract a Diavolitto coffee capsule into a glass. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously for 20 seconds, strain with a fine sieve into a cocktail glass and garnish boldly with silver leaf. 

Nespresso also launched an exclusive Melbourne Fashion Festival x Nespresso Capsule Collection for style lovers to create Aussie-style, café quality coffees and coffee-infused cocktails in the comfort of their home. Yep, your WFH set-up just levelled up. Order yours right here.

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