This Japanese Diner Is Dishing Up A $228 Steak Sanga That Uses Some Of The Highest Quality Wagyu

By Amy Kayman
7th Jul 2021

A hand holding up a sandwich filled with a rare cooked steak.

Niku Ou combines Japanese cuisine with one thing, decadence. From truffle-fried rice to Foie Gras Bibimbap, this Japanese fine-dining restaurant will not stop. But taking the cake in this exuberant menu is their recently launched Kobe Wagyu-beef steak sandwich, which will run you a cool $228. 

While this sandwich has all the makings of top-notch ingredients including spongy bread that’s brushed with edible gold leaf, it’s the beef that sets it apart from the rest. Kobe beef is one of the rarest and of the most premium grades of Wagyu, known for its rich flavour and heavy marbling. It is only produced in a single area of Japan, Hyogo prefecture, on the southern end of the island. 

The marbling of this beef has an incredibly low melting point, which means that the meat is melt-in-the-mouth tender after being grilled for a very short period of time. Niku Ou has encapsulated this in their handheld masterpiece with a cut of meat that comes from the middle of the tenderloin, ensuring the most succulent steak experience alongside a sweet-and-salty Katsu sauce. 

Niku Ou is one of the only restaurants in Australia qualified to serve this exclusive Wagyu steak, so it’s kind of a big deal, and it's available without having to jump on a plane to Japan.

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Image credit: Griffin Simm (Supplied)

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