Peloton Global Instructor Tunde Oyeneyin On Creating A Workout Routine You’ll Actually Keep

By Madeline Wallman

When that first wave of inspiration hits on January 1, it can be easy to dive into a new workout routine with a ‘go hard or go home’ mentality. But, as history tells us, these sudden lifestyle one-eighties are almost always destined to fail. In 2024, instead of going all-in, guns blazing on a fitness crusade, make a start (not a resolution) on a lifestyle change that sticks. 

To help you find a fitness routine you’ll keep, we've teamed up with Peloton and Zip to chat with New York Times Bestselling Author, Access Hollywood Guest Correspondent and Peloton global cycling and strength Instructor Tunde Oyeneyin

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Ready to jump right in? Start by reading our chat with Tunde. Even when she’s sweating it out with you on the Peloton Bike at 100 kph, this high-energy Peloton Instructor delivers a healthy dose of inspiration. Here’s what the motivational powerhouse taught us to help you smash your fitness goals in 2024. 

Kicking things off from the ground up, what advice would you give to people who are keen to move more in 2024?

First things first, good on you for getting started—you’re already halfway there. The key to creating a fitness routine you’ll stick with is to take it step-by-step, give yourself props along the way, and celebrate your wins. It’s not about being perfect, every single workout you do counts. Community is a key part of sticking with your goals, too. Peloton is awesome because we have a member community all over the world to support you. You can even virtually ‘high five’ other people in the class via the machine as we workout. That positivity can go a long way towards your growth.

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What exercises would you recommend for beginners?

Kicking off a fitness routine is all about three things: setting attainable goals, listening to your body, and having fun. Before you launch into a full-blown routine, start by walking. Pop on a great playlist or your favourite podcast and stroll around the block, increasing your pace gradually.

Next up, work on your form—getting this right is a crucial foundation for any fitness journey. Peloton has a huge range of disciplines and classes so you can build your confidence and fitness before progressing to higher-intensity workouts. Plus, getting started is all about having fun, and it’s easier to have fun when you have loads of different classes to choose from.

Some weeks, getting moving can be a slog. How do you stay motivated?

We all struggle with motivation. Something that has worked well for me personally, is scheduling my workouts at times I actually want to do them. Some people love waking up early for a sweat session on the Peloton Bike, while others love to wind down with a late-night yoga session. You can even block out your work calendar for 30-minutes and jump on a quick class at lunch. Check out the Peloton App and find classes that work around your personal schedule, and then, when you’re feeling sluggish—remind yourself how great you’ll feel afterwards.

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Tunde’s Top Workout Tips To Write Down for 2024

Document Your Goals To Stay On Track
It might sound simple, but writing things down can be a great way to keep yourself on track. Set attainable goals for the year, and then create a plan for how to achieve them. I recommend breaking big goals into smaller, more achievable ones to avoid getting overwhelmed. For example, if you want to improve your flexibility, start by committing to two beginner yoga classes per week. Once you're in the swing of things, add a third Pilates class. Then, consider how you're feeling. Are you being challenged physically? Do you need more variety? Make adjustments to your plan, write them down, and keep going. 

Find A Mate To Keep You Accountable

Ever received a text from a friend the night before a morning fitness class making sure you’re still coming—and then, said yes to not let them down? You’re more likely to show up if you’ve got someone to keep you motivated. Even as a fitness coach, I still need someone to keep me accountable. Make the most of the Peloton community. Connect with other members, discuss your goals, and share classes so you get more out of the membership

Create Healthy Habits With The 10-Minute Rule
The 10-minute rule is simple: commit to yourself to fit in 10 minutes of movement three-four times a week. That 10 minutes can look like anything and you get to choose—just move your body. What you’re doing is creating a habit. You want this to become a ritual, a staple in your day.

Motivate Yourself By Wearing The Right Gear

Just like a job interview where you level-up your look, dressing the part can boost your confidence. I always wear something that’s supportive and that I feel powerful in. Aside from making you feel great, having the right gear is also crucial for getting the most out of your programs. Invest in a breathable t-shirt and upgrate your at-home gear to keep motivation high.

Mix It Up To Keep It Fresh
It's normal to hit plateaus in your fitness journey, and it's also easy to stick to what you know. I'm a huge believer in variety—and Peloton is the perfect program for that. When you're getting comfortable with your routine, it's time to switch it up. I'm not suggesting you workout at night if you're a morning person, but working out with a new trainer, or to an awesome new album is a great way to keep it fun. Ask other members what they're doing too. Who knows what you might discover by trying a HIIT class for the first time?

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