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Just Opened: A Southside Sandwich Deli From The Team Behind Leonardo’s And Frankie’s Tortas & Tacos

By Rick Stephens
15th Apr 2021

Over in the US of A, the humble deli dates right back to the 1880’s but for whatever reason, we’ve had to wait until 2020 for the streetside sandwich purveyors to take off in Melbourne. Now, the hype for a good sandwich is palpable down under, and the delis we’re seeing on our corners come with some serious culinary clout. The latest, Stan’s Deli in Malvern, comes from Guy Bentley, Todd Vanneste, Aaron Trotman and Alex Gavioli—some of the names may ring bells from the likes of Leonardo’s Pizza Palace, Leonard’s House of Love and Frankie’s Tortas & Tacos.

Stan’s is best described as a modern all-day American diner that leans on New York-style delis of the old world for both the eats and aesthetic. OG luncheon meats like mortadella is folded comfortably alongside olives and artichokes within your sandwich, while there are also more contemporary offerings like the pork and fennel sausage muffin—available in the AM with a hot coffee, of course.

The bagels, sandwiches, coffee and everything else you’ll likely inhale were of course a priority for the team, but for the gang of four, it was always about far more than just the food.

“We have a simple offering, but there is thought and intention behind every element. We are offering the kind of experience to the community that we seek out ourselves, because we believe that hospitality is about great relationships and great service and this attracts great people,” say Gavioli.

Most of the ingredients are made in house, and they’ll be used down the line once the liquor license gets the tick of approval for fresh pasta and natural wine nights which will focus on bowls of the good stuff and natties from various regions and producers.

Stan’s Deli and Sandwiches is now open 6.30am to 3pm Monday through Saturday, and 8am to 3pm on Sunday.

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Image credit: Natalie Jurrjens

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