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Cue Post Malone, Sunflowers Are Blooming In Melbourne’s West

By Kate Fleming
10th Mar 2021

A field of blooming sunflowers.

Have you noticed a flurry of sunflowers popping up on your Insta feed lately? It’s probably because over 150,000 of them have just bloomed, creating a golden field in Melbourne’s Aintree region and surrounding Rockbank Area. 

There are a few locations where you can catch these golden beauties as part of the Blooming West Initiative, but Woodlea is the biggest. Located within the new Woodlea Town shopping precinct, the field stretches to 2800sqm with flowers growing up to two metres. The fields are the ideal spot to frolic with friends while catching yourself a new profile pic. 

Planted late last year as part of a large-scale installation, the sunflowers are adding some colour to the landscape while spreading the joy and love like an army of 1960s hippies. 

Stay out and about and check out what else is happening this month in Melbourne.

Image credit: supplied

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