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Melbourne’s Mammoth Digital Art Gallery Is Finally Opening Its Doors To The City

By Rick Stephens

People walking through a giant digital art gallery featuring works from Van Gogh.

After a year or two of cultural pause in Melbourne, 2021 is bringing the goods with more events, festivals and exhibitions than that calendar of yours can handle. The latest announced is a permanent digital gallery, The Lume Melbourne.

The Lume Melbourne is setting up its new digs at The Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, bringing massive-scale works to life from the world’s most renowned artists. The doors open Monday 1 November 2021 with a retrospective of sorts, covering the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh.

The towering digital displays will be accompanied by musical soundscapes, aromas and themed food and drinks. The founder of The Lume Melbourne and parent company Grand Experiences, Bruce Peterson, believes it’s Australia’s answer to the growing appetite for unique shared experiences.

“The cultural scene is vastly changing as visitors demand new experiences. We have been at the forefront of this movement globally as our popular exhibitions have quickly moved from artefact based, to multimedia, to now multi-sensory / experiential. Today, we engage many more new audiences internationally in art and culture through this style of experience,” he explains.

General release tickets are available here

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